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What is the first-year class profile?
How much is the application fee, and when is the deadline?
What are the eligibility requirements for applying to the Harvard Law School J.D. program?
What are the range of standardized test scores and GPAs of last year's admitted applicants?
What is tuition at Harvard Law School? Is financial aid available?
What is the best "pre-law" curriculum? How does one prepare for law school?
Does Harvard Law School offer concurrent or joint degree programs?
Can I visit the Law School?
Are campus tours offered?
Which standardized test scores can I submit along with my application?
Why are the last 5 years of test scores required?
How long are my test scores valid?
How should I submit my LSAT or GRE score to HLS?
Why did you begin accepting the GRE in addition to the LSAT?
How important are test scores in the admissions process?
Should I retake the LSAT or GRE?
When should I take either the LSAT or GRE and how long are my scores valid?
Must I register with the LSAC's Credential Assembly Service?
Is there a fee waiver process for both the LSAT and the GRE?
Will HLS report my LSAT score to the American Bar Association (ABA) if I take both the LSAT and the GRE?
What if I applied to HLS in a previous year?
When do application materials become available?
When does Harvard Law School begin accepting applications?
What is the deadline to submit an application?
Does Harvard Law School have an "early admission" or an "early decision" process?
Are application fee waivers available?
Do you require a College Certification?
Whom should I ask to write my recommendations?
How many letters of recommendations does Harvard require? Can I submit more?
Does Harvard Law School grant interviews?
How should I approach my personal statement?
What length should my personal statement be?
Are all applications read?
Are there "cut-off" GPAs or standardized test scores below which applications are not considered?
Can I find out my status via email or over the phone?
What if I have a disciplinary record?
Do you accept application materials or any correspondence by email?
When should I apply for Financial Aid?
What is your deferral policy?

The following questions and answers primarily apply to regular J.D. applicants. Additional information for Junior Deferral Program applicants can be found here. Further information on transferring to Harvard Law School can be found here. International applicants can access additional information here.