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What is the Junior Deferral Program?
Am I eligible for this program?
Am I eligible to apply if I have taken a semester off?
Am I eligible to apply if I have advanced standing or additional course credits from high school dual enrollment, community college, etc.?
When is the application due?
Will this be a regular rolling admission process? When is it best to apply?
When should I take the LSAT or GRE?
Is there a fee waiver process for both the LSAT and the GRE?
What is the advantage to applying now versus after graduating and having work experience?
If you are not admitted, can you reapply later?
If I am accepted to the program, how much time do I have to respond?
If I accept your offer of admission, can I apply to other law schools?
How do I apply?
How should I submit my LSAT or GRE score to HLS?
What are the application requirements?
Are application fee waivers available?
Can you explain more about the interview process?
Are admissions criteria the same for the JDP as for the regular application cycle?
What majors are you looking for?
If I am a STEM major, why might the JDP be particularly interesting for me?
Does it make a difference if I am pursuing a BA or a BS? Do you take into account differences in GPAs across undergraduate majors?
What if I studied abroad?
Are there any restrictions on what I can do during my deferral period?
What if I want to do something entrepreneurial or start my own business?
Will applicants be judged on what they say they intend to do during the deferral period before enrolling?
What are the implications of this program on my employment search?
Can I defer for more than two years?
What if I decide that I don’t want to defer?
How is financial aid awarded at HLS?
Will parents’ income be included in financial aid considerations?
How will the financial aid process work for JDP students?
What if I don’t apply for the JDP but I decide to apply as a senior? Will it hurt my chances?
Does a summer internship help with admission?
How many students will be admitted under this program?
Is this compatible with other graduate school programs?
What if I am also considering the 2+2 program at HBS?
Is there any special process for international students?