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Job Description Form

When you realize you need to hire a new employee, the first person to call is your HR Officer. They will support you in filling out our Open Requisition Form. This form assists in ensuring that your job is posted properly and in a timely manner. As soon as this form is completed, the job will be posted to ASPIRE.

Meeting with the Recruiter

Once your Open Requisition Form is turned in, the Recruiter will activate the job in the system and call you directly to set up a meeting. In this meeting the Recruiter will want to hear about the job itself, review what has worked in the past and what you would like to see in the ideal candidate.

Resume Screening

Armed with the information you provide, the Recruiter will then screen resumes and schedule first interviews. The resume screening will be a continuous process as long as the job is actively posted.

Presentation of Candidates

As soon as the Recruiter interviews appropriate candidates for the position you will be presented with their resumes and their availability for interviews. You need only provide times at which you are available to meet and our Recruiting Assistant will schedule the interviews for you.


When the candidate meets with you, it will be his or her second interview with Harvard Law School as they will have already met with the Recruiter. Consequently, each candidate you meet will be pre-screened to ensure they possess basic qualifications; this should allow you to focus on more specific job related questions. It is preferable to have the candidate meet as many people as possible to minimize the number of trips the candidates make to campus. Two interviews with the finalist are recommended following the HR interview.


Once you select a finalist, we will request and check references. The Recruitment Team will check these references for you. You typically will be provided with a written summary of the candidate’s reference information within 3 to 4 days.

Decision Time

Once the references are completed, its decision time! The Recruiter will collaborate to support your hiring decision. As soon as we have reached a decision the Recruiter will call and extend an offer to the candidate.

Candidate Start Date

Your new employee will complete their new hire paperwork prior to their first day. You and your new employee will receive an email from Karen Gray when their ID number is available and an email from IT prior to their first day advising you of their email address.