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All hours for hourly or non-exempt staff including Less than Half Time Employees (LHT), Students and Temps must be recorded in PeopleSoft during the week in which they are actually worked. This is per the Massachusetts law that requires that employees be paid within 6 days of the end of a pay period. To meet this requirement we ask your help with the following:

  • Ensure that all hourly employees are reporting their hours worked on a weekly basis. Managers are responsible for ensuring staff report their time on a weekly basis. This includes students employed as Temps or LHTs.
  • Ensure that all New Hires submit necessary documentation such as I-9s to HR no later than three days after they start work.  Ideally this paperwork should be completed prior to the first day of work. New hires without a completed I-9 on file may not be paid. If a Quick Hire is submitted but the new hire has not come to HR, you will be contacted by HR that the new hire cannot start until they complete their required documentation.
  • All Quick Hires must be submitted prior to the actual first day of work. Since Temps and LHTs are paid on a weekly basis, it is critical to ensure that new hires are processed in a timely fashion so that their hours worked are recorded in the week they occurred and staff are paid within 6 days of the end of the weekly pay period.
  • LHTs may not work more than 17.25 hours weekly. LHTs working more than the allowable hours could result in unanticipated charges to your budget.

Please contact Karen Gray at 6-9708 if you have any questions about these policies or our procedures.