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There are seven broad categories meant to capture the variety of ways great work is done at HLS, and for which individuals can be recognized through this program.

Good Citizenship

Promoting positive morale through actions of good spirit.

  • Foster community by building bridges for individuals or groups to come together for intellectual or social connections
  • Act in a humanitarian way by “doing the right thing” for another person or group
  • Seek opportunities to share valuable resources
  • Serve as model citizens to HLS students, faculty, staff, or external community members


Leading others through partnerships.

  • Positively influence others in working towards departmental or organizational objectives
  • Actively participate in fostering others through change initiatives
  • Invest time and effort in coaching and/or mentoring
  • Serve as role models to others through positive interactions

Bright Idea/Creativity

Honoring the creative problem solver.

  • Develop innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Break down boundaries and/or create new relationships to improve the way work gets done
  • Approach problems as opportunities for growth and learning

Above and Beyond

Modeling superior service.

  • Provide a unique level of service that fosters business relationships/further enhances reputation

Make it Happen

Relentlessly resourceful and productive.

  • Achieve a desired outcome despite adversity (e.g. limited resources, time constraints, an unexpected challenge)

Unsung Hero

Working behind the scenes.

  • Consistently provide high quality, reliable and critical work that, if undone, would halt highly visible operations
  • Demonstrate a steady willingness to improve work situations and does so without prompting or fanfare

Going Green

Providing outstanding contributions towards campus sustainability.

  • Contribute to a culture of sustainability at HLS through peer-to-peer outreach, office resource conservation and efficiency actions, or sustainability projects
  • Save costs, create operational efficiencies and enhance the community spirit by reducing, reusing and recycling on campus.
  • Lead by example through sustainable personal and professional choices

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