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Show a staff member your appreciation

The Peer-to-Peer Reward and Recognition Program is an employee-owned program that offers HLS staff members a way to acknowledge and express appreciation for co-workers who make a difference in everyday work life.

There are seven broad categories meant to capture the variety of ways great work is done at HLS, and for which individuals can be recognized through this program:

  • Good Citizenship – Promoting positive morale through actions of good spirit
  • Collaboration / Helping / Mentoring – Leading others through partnerships
  • Bright Idea / Creativity – Honoring the creative problem solver
  • Above and Beyond – Modeling superior service
  • Make it Happen – Relentlessly resourceful and productive
  • Unsung Hero – Working behind the scenes
  • Going Green – Providing outstanding contributions towards campus sustainability

Refer to the Award Categories page for more information about the categories listed above. All HLS employees are invited to thank their co-workers through an extremely simple process!

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About the Peer-to-Peer Reward Program

In the 2006 employee engagement survey, HLS staff asked for a way to feel more valued for their contributions. In response, a committee of HLS staff volunteers was formed to create a more formal means for acknowledging great work, beginning with a Peer-to-Peer Reward and Recognition Program.