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Sometimes you may have a need for a temporary or part-time employee.  Reach out to your HR Business Partner if you believe a temporary or part-time employee would be the best solution, and they can help initiate the best process for your needs.

Temporary Employment

Temporary employees are regularly scheduled to work in a position for less than 90 days in duration (or six months in duration if temporarily replacing a regular employee on leave).

Less Than Half-Time (LHT) Employment

Less than half-time employees are regularly scheduled to work less than 14 hours per week.

The Hiring Process

There are two pathways for hiring temporary and less than half-time employees depending on if you have identified who you want to hire.

If You Have Identified A Candidate:

The hiring manager and the prospective employee need to complete appropriate paperwork with Human Resources before the temporary begins working.

Quick Hire

Please submit a “PeopleSoft Quick Hire Form” for approval; if the employee shows as “Eligible to Work in the U.S.” on the Quick Hire Form, the employee does not need to complete the I-9 form, but should still come to Human Resources. Otherwise, please send the temporary employee to Human Resources to complete the necessary forms.

The hiring manager should complete the PeopleSoft Quick Hire Form. Temporary employees who do not yet have an I-9 or tax paperwork on file at central payroll will need to complete work authorization paperwork with Human Resources.  The temporary employee will be asked to complete four forms: I-9 Employment Eligibility form, Federal Tax Form, Massachusetts Tax Form, and Direct Deposit Form.

If You Have Not Identified A Candidate:

When you need assistance in finding a candidate for filling your position, hiring managers can utilized Harvard’s Contingent Workforce process to search, recruit, and fill positions.

Hiring Managers play a critical role in making the program work.  Hiring managers are expected to participate by:

  1. Using the Managed Services Program and Vendor Management System to obtain hourly-billed contingent (temporary) workers in all categories including administrative, professional, financial, information technology, and scientific roles.
  2. Referring suppliers to the Yoh Program Management Office (PMO) and refrain from contracting with them directly.
  3. Complying with the Program Guidelines, which establish new standards for managing contingent work at Harvard.
  4. Engaging contingent labor within the hourly rates set forth on the program rate card whenever possible.

You can learn more about the Contingent Workforce procedures here.