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Harvard Law School follows the University’s Conflict of Interest/Commitment policy. This policy applies to all staff and is available on HARVie.

Please note the following regarding the Law School’s administration of this policy.

Disclosure and Documentation

Staff members must disclose any activity that might result in a conflict of interest or commitment prior to engaging in that activity. They should first consult with their supervisor and department head and then with their human resources officer. A letter or memo documenting the case and the resolution should be placed in the individual’s personnel file maintained in the HLS Office of Human Resource Services. We realize that there may be existing situations that have not been documented. Please meet with your manager and human resources officer to discuss any undocumented potential conflict of interest cases so that an appropriate resolution can be reached and documented.

Use of Computer and Network Resources

All managers and staff should be familiar with the Law School’s Computer and Network Usage Agreement. Access to the School’s computer and network resources is conditioned upon agreeing to and complying with its terms. Questions about this policy should be referred to Pratike Patel, HLS Chief Information Officer.