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Harvard Law School follows the University policy for for managing additional payments for work performed outside of a staff member’s regular job assignment. These policies are documented in Harvard’s Personnel Manual for Administrative and Professional Staff, and the Harvard University and Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) Personnel Manual. Both policies are available on HARVie.

Familiarize yourself with these policies and consult with your human resources officer before making any commitments regarding additional pay to staff. Please note the following regarding the HLS administration of additional pay. See below* for information about overtime, which is not the same as additional pay.

Approval Process for Additional Pay

Before contacting an HLS or Harvard staff member regarding work assignments that fall outside their normal, regular job duties, contact your human resources officer for assistance in determining if additional pay is necessary and will set an appropriate rate. You may then contact the staff person’s manager to confirm that the extra assignment would not interfere with the staff person’s regular work. After securing the approval from your human resources officer and the staff person’s manager, you may contact the staff member.


Complete the Additional Pay form and send or email it to Karen Gray, Human Resources, Hauser Hall 010 (1575 Massachusetts Ave.). If you need guidance on completing the form or the deadlines for biweekly payroll, call us at 5-4611. Please be sure that your case has been discussed and approved by our office before you contact the staff member, and before you submit the paperwork.

Budget Impact

As part of the budget process, please budget for both anticipated additional and overtime pay. You will also want to monitor your budget reports regularly for budget impact.

*Administrative and Professional (Exempt) Staff

Administrative and professional staff are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and cannot be paid for work performed within their departments. In other words, when an exempt staff member works extra hours in a given week, the time is not considered “overtime” and is not compensated.

Overtime Eligible Staff (HUCTW and Non Bargaining Unit Support Staff)

Support staff are subject to FLSA provisions and must be paid for every hour worked. They are paid at time and one-half for any work performed over 40 hours in a work week (Sunday through Saturday). Supervisors must ask staff in advance to work overtime, and the staff member must receive a supervisor’s approval of any overtime, in advance of the work being performed.