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Tools for Employees

Current Employees Considering Reclassification

Employees considering a job reclassification request should:

  1. Complete the Reclassification Form and sign it; Revise current job description with edits clearly denoted (using track changes if possible)
  2. Submit the signed and completed form and revised job description to the manager for review

After receiving the manager’s approval and signature, which confirms that all of the information in the form is complete and accurate, submit the form and job description with all edits to your department’s HR officer. (If the employee and manager do not agree on the accuracy and completeness of the form, contact your department’s HR officer).

If the request is approved, the effective date for any associated pay rate change will be two weeks after the submission of the thoroughly completed and signed form to HR. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the HLS HR team if you have questions about this process.

Tools for Managers