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Your Payroll Paperwork and Getting Paid

Welcome to Harvard Law School! If you have recently been hired, you must complete this paperwork PRIOR to beginning work. Please follow these instructions for completing your paperwork to ensure timely receipt of your first paycheck. Your Harvard ID is your key to getting started with email and voicemail. With the card, you will also have access to the many services and perks that come with your employment at Harvard. In order to get your ID, you will need to complete your payroll paperwork.

Once your paperwork has been processed and you have started work, you will receive an email with your ID number from Karen Gray in the HR/Payroll Group. Once you receive this email you can go to the ID Office at the Smith Center on the 9th Floor to pick up your ID. Please note that Temporary Employees must request a Harvard ID through their manager. You should also receive your first paycheck within two to three weeks, depending on when in the pay cycle you were hired.

All Forms below must be completed:


Two I-9 forms must be submitted to HR within the first three days worked or you will be unable to continue working until all documentation is completed. You need to complete section 1 for the two I-9 forms attached. New hires are unable to work without a current and valid I-9 on file in HR. Be prepared to show a document from the attached list of acceptable documents such as a Passport or Driver’s License and Social Security Card/Original Birth Certificate (or certified copy).


Federal Tax Form-Tax forms (Federal and State)If you have specific questions regarding exemptions/withholdings please contact the IRS at # 800-829-3676.


Work Contact Information Form

This form is important, as it provides us with your work contact information, and whether you’ve previously been employed by Harvard.

Emergency Contact Form

This information can be extremely important in the event of an accident or medical emergency. You can also update this information on-line via PeopleSoft Self Service once you are in the system as an employee.

Confidentiality Agreement

During your time here at HLS, you may come into contact with or have access to sensitive and confidential information and resources. They will come from a variety of sources including other Harvard departments, companies, organizations, faculty, students, researchers, and colleagues.

Direct Deposit Form

All employees are encouraged to take advantage of payroll direct deposit, whereby your paychecks are wired directly into your bank account each payday. Please complete the Direct Deposit Form and present it to HR with a voided check. With direct deposit, each pay period you will receive an email notification when you are able to view your paycheck stub on-line.

Harvard University Voluntary Self Identification Form

You must complete and return the paperwork above in person with corresponding documentation to HLS Human Resources. Feel free to contact us at 617-495-4611 for questions about this paperwork.