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Volunteering must be for altruistic reasons and not for training, to avoid hiring someone, or as a trial period for hiring.  Volunteers are expected to receive a greater level of supervision than an employee would, and are prohibited from doing work for the employer’s benefit (ie. filing, typing, clerical work).  All duties should fulfill the altruistic purpose of the volunteering and, If applicable, must be renewed annually by completing a new questionnaire and submitting to HR for review.

Unpaid Internships are education or training programs that are designed to provide students with professional experience in furtherance of their education and training and are academically oriented for their benefit, similar to the training that one would receive in an educational environment.  All duties assigned to the intern must be for the intern’s educational benefit, and the intern must work under close supervision of staff for the duration of the internship.  Routine work that is structured around the employer’s operations and is for the employer’s benefit (e.g., clerical work such as filing or typing) is generally not permitted.