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In an effort to support COVID-19 workforce planning efforts, Harvard Law School is creating a way to share talent and expertise across various departments.  This program was created to connect staff with extra capacity and related skills to departments in need of temporary support. HLS Human Resources helps match needs and talents by working with managers across the school.  

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Online Learning Associate (OLA) Opportunity

This fall, Harvard Law School classrooms have moved from lecture halls to laptops. Creating excellent, engaged online classrooms is a complex process, best understood as analogous to an airplane flight. Each class has (1) on-boarding, (2) in-flight, and (3) post-flight phases. HLS is setting up a dedicated, diverse team of HLS community members to serve as online classroom “co-pilots” for faculty “pilots” in fall 2020 courses. This team of Online Learning Associates (OLAs) conduct co-pilot activities in one or more phases of class, including check-ins to ensure video and other production elements are set and running break-out rooms. OLAs include (1) faculty assistants; (2) teaching fellows; (3) program, center, and other staff already working with teaching faculty, and (4) staff members with strong skills across technology, organization, and innovation domains who step forward to serve as co-pilots. If you would like to explore joining the OLA team as a volunteer (alongside your current responsibilities, of course) we want to hear from you! Please be sure to discuss with your supervisor and express your interest through the below. Comfort with using Zoom is a plus but not required; full training will be provided. We hope you will consider contributing to this dynamic, historic moment at HLS by seeing if OLA activities are right for you!

Get an overview of the OLA Program here!

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Why was the program created?
What are the benefits of the program?
Who is managing the program?
How long will the program be in effect?
How is it funded? Will department budgets change?
Which employees can participate and who will manage them?
How does the program work?