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About 14% of the entire HLS student body lives in Harvard University Housing. 15% of 1Ls in live HUH.

For students interested in off campus apartments without having to comb through craigslist or hire a realtor, Harvard University Housing (HUH) offers nearly 3,000 University-owned and -operated apartments throughout Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. Most apartments operate on a fixed-term lease at market rate rents and include all utilities. Unlike on-campus housing, spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, and siblings are allowed to live in HUH apartments.

HUH Pricing

Harvard University Housing prices are priced comparably to private off campus housing. The HUH apartment prices vary greatly depending on the property and apartment type.

HLS Graduate Student Block

Because of their proximity to the HLS campus, many of the HLS students who live in HU Housing select Terry Terrace or 29 Garden Street. To support this option, HLS partners with HUH to reserve the HLS Graduate Student Block – a number of apartments in each of these complexes are available exclusively to HLS students. The HLS blocks are owned and operated by HUH, not Harvard Law School. Of course, HLS students are welcome to live in any of the HU Housing properties. Please note that rooms in the HLS Graduate Student Block cannot be shared with a non-HLS Harvard Affiliate.

How It Works

The application process is the same whether you are interested in the HLS Graduate Student Block or you would prefer another HUH apartment. In either case, you begin by submitting an online application. If you apply during the main application season (March 1 – May 1) you will be assigned to specific View and Select windows. The View and Select period runs from the beginning of May through early June. This is when the general HUH inventory is largest and includes apartments with lease start dates varying from early June to early September. Note: families with children (documentation may be required) are given priority and will be assigned to the first View and Select window, where HLS block apartments will be available.

Additionally, all approved applicants have the option of selecting from HU Housing’s Currently Available list at any time. Early applicants should be aware that apartments being vacated on or before May 31 (including early vacancies in the HLS Graduate Student Block) will be posted on the Currently Available list starting on April 12 (starting at 12:30 p.m.) and then Monday—Friday, between 11-11:30 a.m. and 3-3:30 p.m. thereafter. These apartments will have lease start dates varying from mid-April to early June.

Please click here to learn more about how the application and selection processes work.

HLS Graduate Student Block Note

After the first View and Select window closes, students do not need to wait for their assigned View and Select window to search for block apartments in Terry Terrace and/or 29 Garden Street. Once the first View and Select window closes, all unrented block apartments in Terry Terrace and 29 Garden St. will get moved to the “Currently Available” list on May 9. At this time, all the remaining HLS block apartments in Terry Terrace and 29 Garden Street can be chosen by any HLS student regardless of their assigned View and Select window.

Special Options

HUH offers a number of furnished units and pet-friendly units (breed and weight restrictions apply). All properties are non-smoking.

In addition, HUH offers 120 traditional residence hall units in the Cronkhite Graduate Center.

Please click here for more information about these special housing options.

Graduate Commons Program

The Graduate Commons Program is a unique interdisciplinary program that offer social activity opportunities to Harvard affiliate residents and their families.


Harvard University Housing has engaged Off Campus Partners to create and manage a self-service roommate listing web site which can help you find another Harvard affiliate with whom to share an apartment. It is possible to add a roommate later, but the process is more complicated and you will bear the full cost of the apartment until you have a roommate and their lease has been signed.

Still have questions?

Questions regarding the Harvard University Housing apartment application and selection processes should be directed to HUH by emailing huhousing or calling 617-496.7827.