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Pro Bono Week Events

Pro Bono Week Events

  1. Oct

    Pro Bono Week 2018: Pro Bono Recruitment Fair & Open House

  2. Oct

    Pro Bono Week 2018: Civil Rights and Economic Justice with Prof. Nikolas Bowie and Oren Nimni

  3. Oct
  4. Oct

    Pro Bono Week 2018: How to Build a Pro Bono Practice in a Large Firm

  5. Oct

    Pro Bono Week 2018: Election Protection Volunteer Training

  6. Oct

    Pro Bono Week 2018: Climate Defense Project


In conjunction with Pro Bono Week, Human Resources has organized the 2018 Fall Week of Service for all faculty and staff to participate in as a way to deepen our engagement with the Greater Cambridge community. All are welcome to join us at these inspiring talks and service opportunities.

Legal representation is not affordable for many Americans. Without legal assistance, many middle class and low-income individuals struggle to navigate complex court systems and acquire critical representation when confronting major life challenges, such as domestic violence, child custody, eviction, obtaining veterans’ benefits and disability benefits. Pro bono attorneys play a critical role in providing legal services to some of these community members need.


During national Pro Bono Week, OCP is highlighting the work of some outstanding pro bono attorneys engaged in critical pro bono legal work on behalf of those in need in the areas of immigration, civil rights, economic justice and climate change. Our theme for 2018, Pro Bono: Our Civic Duty, underscores lawyers’ role as public agents in administering and implementing the law in way that upholds the democratic values of our country. We hope the events will encourage law students and attorneys to use their talents to exemplify the legal profession’s ideals of public service.

Please visit our web page to learn more about HLS’ pro bono opportunities.