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To Help Kids and Mothers

The Texas Diaper Bank, which is based out of San Antonio, is putting together relief kit for families with very small children who need access to clean diapers in the midst of flooding and evacuations. Diapers take up a lot of space in a delivery truck, which means that other relief organizations have to decide between bringing diapers or food to affected areas. The Texas Diaper Bank fills in that need.

Donate to the Texas Diaper Bank.

To Help the Hungry

The Houston Food Bank has a history of providing disaster relief, but we’ve never seen devastation on this scale.

The Houston Food Bank will provide food and supplies in the short term and for many months to come to residents in southeast Texas who will struggle to rebuild their lives.  The Food Bank will work closely with their network of partner agencies to ensure food is getting to those who need it most.  They also find ways to connect offers of help with those who are providing help.

Donate to the Houston Food Bank.

To Help The Homeless

The Houston Coalition for the Homeless is facilitating shelter for homeless people in Houston, including offering up-to-date information about which shelters currently have space, who’s the best fit for each one, and how to get there safely.

Donate to the Houston Coalition for the Homeless.

To Help Farmers

There’ve been a lot of dramatic photos of cattle and other livestock being rescued in the storm, but there’ll be a lot of recovering to do for many of them. The Texas Department of Agriculture’s STAR Fund is a resource made up entirely of private donations that go to farmers and ranchers affected by the storm.

Donate to the STAR fund.

To Help Generally

Global Giving is trying to raise $5 million to help those affected by the storm. They’ve raised nearly $2 million as of Aug. 31. The organization provides food, gas, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter in the short-term, and then funnels the remaining resources to local organizations to facilitate long-term recovery.

Donate to Global Giving’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

To Help In Port Arthur And Beaumont

After the storm moved on from Rockport and Houston areas, it re-emerged and did a tremendous amount of damage in Southeast Texas, including communities like Beaumont and Port Arthur. The Southeast Texas Food Bank will be helping people in those parts of the state with meals during the immediate recovery process. This part of the state is just as devastated but has received far less media attention so far and your donation will go especially far here.

Donate to the Southeast Texas Food Bank.

To Provide Legal Aid Specifically to Immigrants

RAICES, a Texas-based nonprofit legal advocacy group, has been working with Texas shelters to find housing for women and children stranded by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being released from detention centers.

Donate to RAICES.

To Provide Legal Aid in General

Lone Star Legal Aid, based in Houston, is providing legal services to victims of Harvey. HLS Texas Club expect to partner with Lone Star in the coming months to assist in offering legal services to Harvey victims.

Donate to Lone Star Legal Aid.