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Student Work

Student Work

HLS offers one combined Supreme Court Litigation Clinic in which students have the opportunity to gain experience in Supreme Court- and appellate-level litigation through involvement in pending cases. Students work in teams under the supervision of prominent and experienced attorneys to learn the skills, structure, and methodology of litigating a Supreme Court case. They will have the opportunity to work alongside distinguished and experienced legal minds and assist with petitions for certiorari, briefs in opposition to certiorari, merits briefs, and amicus briefs, and preparation for oral argument in Supreme Court cases.

In the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, students work full-time in the winter term in Washington, D.C. to facilitate interaction between students, instructors and the litigation process at the Supreme Court. Students are fully involved in intensive work on actual cases before the Court, and also participate in a series of lectures and classroom discussions on Supreme Court practice — including strategy, procedure, brief writing, and oral advocacy. Students are assigned to small teams, each working closely with an instructor to write and file a petition for certiorari, brief in opposition to certiorari, merits brief, amicus brief and/or to prepare for oral argument in a pending case.

How to Register

How to Register

The clinic is offered in the Winter Term. You can learn about clinical credits, pre-requisite requirements, and the clinical application process by reading the course catalog description and exploring the links in this section.

Application Deadline:
October 1, 2019


Faculty and Staff

Thomas Goldstein (Lecturer on Law)
Kevin K. Russell (Lecturer on Law)
Sarah Harrington (Lecturer on Law)
Eric Citron (Lecturer on Law)


Office of Clinical and
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