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  1. Students may only participate in one clinic at a time.
  2. Students may take a maximum of 16 clinical credits over their time at Harvard Law School.
    This does not include credits earned through the clinical course component.

Please review the HLS Handbook of Academic Policies for more information on degree requirements and credit limitations. LL.M. students should consult with the LL.M. program office for clinical credit restrictions.


Who can participate in a clinic?
Do all clinics have a clinical course component?
Are there any pre-requisites for clinics?
If the semester ends and I want to keep working with a clinic, what options do I have?
Do clinic grades count towards Latin Honors?
Does my work in the clinic satisfy the HLS Pro Bono Graduation Requirement?
How and when do I register for clinics?
How long does add/drop last for clinics?
If I drop from a clinic, can I stay in the required clinical course?
I received a clinic waitlist offer and cannot accept it – help!
What if I want to drop a clinic after the clinic's drop deadline?
How do clinical credits work?
How do I change the number of clinical credits I am enrolled for?
I noticed that clinics do not have set time-blocks. How is my clinical work schedule determined?
Do I have to make up clinical work for holidays or vacation weeks?
What are the differences between an In-House clinical placement and an Externship clinical placement?
Does transportation time count toward my clinical hours if I have to travel to my clinical placement?
Where can I view the pro bono hours that I've earned though my clinical placement?
The supervisor listed on my clinical position is inaccurate – how do I edit the position to reflect the correct information?
How do I view student evaluations of past clinical placements?
Do I need to complete an evaluation for my clinical placement?
What kind of guidelines do I need to follow as a student attorney?
Are there any confidentiality issues I should know about?
What are the guidelines for professional responsibility during remote work?
Do I need to use the clinical email system?