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Hosts of HNMCP’s podcast Thanks for Listening, Neil McGaraghan and Sara del Nido Budish, continue their journey around the country, visiting people and organizations who are working to bridge political divides. In Episode 5 they speak with two participants in Hands Across the Hills, a program that brought together residents of Letcher County, KY, and Leverett, MA, after the 2016 election. Episode 6 features our incredible colleagues at the Divided Community Project, who work proactively to build strong relationships before a crisis erupts in a community. Episode 7 examines the role social media plays in exacerbating divides, and how one site has created a safe and constructive space for kids to express themselves and connect. And most recently Episode 8 focuses on the challenges, and the powerful impact, of coalition building. The work of all our guests to connect across differences feels more urgent than ever, and we look forward to sharing the final two episodes of the series with you later this summer. You can find all of the episodes wherever you find podcasts and on our website. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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