The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs offers its heartfelt congratulations to the 27 Harvard Law students that will be recognized by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Services for their commitment to pro bono work. The ceremony will be held at the Adams Courthouse on October 26th and the students will be listed on the SJC’s Pro Bono Honor Roll website.

The recognition is presented annually to law firms, solo practitioners, in-house corporate counsel offices, government attorney offices, non-profit organizations, law school faculties, and law students who certify that, in the calendar year of 2015, they have contributed at least 50 hours of legal services without receiving pay or academic credit.

Pro Bono Honor Roll Students:

Roi Bachmutsky, JD ’17

Aldel Brown, JD ’17

Alexander Chen, JD ’17

Ryan Cohen, JD ’17

Michael Contillo, J.D. ’17

Joanna Cornell, JD ’18

Andrene Dabaghi, JD ’17

Laura Dismore, JD ’17

Lauren Godles, JD ’17

Eric S. Goodwin, JD ’18

George Hageman, JD ’17

Andrew Hanson, JD ’17

Shaylyn Harper, JD ’17

Ha Ryong Jung, JD ’18

Mario Hoang N. Nguyen, JD ’17

Sean Henryk Parys, JD ’17

Kelly Jo Popkin, JD ’17

Katherine Sandson, JD ’17

Stephanie Schuyler, JD ’17

Rebecca Schwarz, JD ’18

Marin Tollefson, JD ’17

Michael Trujillo, JD ’18

Loren Voss, JD ’17

Kasey Wang, JD ’17

Yong Lucien Wang, JD ’18

Emily Wilkinson, JD ’17

Pamela Yaacoub, JD ’17


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