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An important element of lawyering, across a wide range of practice areas, is the art of inspiring confidence in what you as a lawyer have to say so that you can be persuasive — to clients, opposing counsel, judges, legislators, and other decision-makers.

This workshop, chaired by Professors Vicki Jackson and Susan Farbstein, will offer interested students some expert guidance and instruction in practical skills by two voice therapists from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Voice and Speech Laboratory, Barbara Wilson Arboleda and Stephanie Fort, each of whom has worked with lawyers, actors, teachers, and others who use their voices professionally.

The program will address both speaking in class and in professional legal settings. The workshop will be held April 7th and April 14th in Pound Hall-100 Cahill Classroom, each night from 7-9 pm. You must sign up for this program in advance.

To do so, please email Katherine Talbot, by March 30th and include in your email, your name and your student status at HLS (e.g., JD 1L, 2L, 3L, LLM or SJD).

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