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This year’s art contest at the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program brought in over fifty submissions from Harvard Law School, the greater Boston area, and around the world. We received paintings, sculptures, photographs, and poems—some from seasoned artists and some from individuals who were trying their hand at an art submission for the very first time. Dean Martha Minow, Lisa Dealy, and Professor Bob Bordone served as the judging committee for the art contest. They used a set of criteria developed by HLS Negotiators to judge the artwork and select these six winners, whose work is currently featured in the HNMCP suite.

As I have gone around sharing the news about HNMCP’s art contest with friends, others around Harvard University, and various framing stores in the area, I have received a number of raised eyebrows. People are more than a bit surprised to learn that a group specializing in negotiation and mediation at Harvard Law School are spending their time receiving and judging artwork. People were genuinely curious as to why our program is hosting an art contest.

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