The City of Everett Police Department and the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP)are pleased to announce the start of a new three month joint initiative to assess perceptions of current Department practices and address any potential sources of tension or conflict between police and local youth. While the Department has worked hard to develop a strong relationship with the youth of Everett, there are natural challenges and conflicts that arise in the course of policing. At a time when the nation is examining how well law enforcement relates to the communities they serve, the Department has enlisted the support of HNMCP in conducting a stakeholder assessment in order to focus on and strengthen its relationship with the youth of the community.

In pursuit of that goal, HNMCP wants to hear the voices of Everett’s diverse community. Over the course of this project, a team of dedicated students from HNMCP will conduct a series of interviews and focus groups with members of Everett youth groups, police officers, community groups, and other interested individuals. The information gathered from these interviews and focus groups, combined with independent academic research and best practices in dispute resolution, will be incorporated into a community presentation on key findings, themes, and recommendations.

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