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The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation is pleased to welcome Karolina Gombert,  a PhD student from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, to Boston. Karolina is a recipient of Santander’s Mobility Award, given to postgraduate research students to help them gain the experience of a period of short-term study or research at a like-minded institution within the international Santander Universities network. Karolina says she chose Harvard Law School and CHLPI because “What I read and learned about the center sounded amazing and our project ‘Foodways and Futures’ fits right in with the center’s work.”

Karolina’s PhD project is an action research project falling under the “Pathways to a Healthy Life” theme at the University of Aberdeen. The “Pathways to a Healthy Life’” theme aims to cross disciplinary boundaries to enhance the University’s contribution to all aspects of healthy aging and wellbeing, aiming to improve not only life expectancy, but also life expectancy whilst free of disease. The program looks into complex mechanisms by which individuals, lifestyle, the local community, socio-economic and environmental conditions impact healthy aging. Specifically, her study aims to gain a better understanding of the lived experiences and lifestyles of so-called “vulnerable” young people in Scotland, including homeless and unemployed young people, and explore the relationship between them, their local communities, and the surrounding socio-cultural and economic environmental structures, and the influences and impact those factors have the decisions they make about the foods they consume.

She joins the CHLPI team during her study visit until the end of April. We wish Karolina the best of luck with her project and look forward to collaborating her.


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