Jared Nicholson, HLS ’14

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LYNN — Summa cum laude, Princeton University. Business consultant with McKinsey and Company in New York City and Mexico City. Cum laude, Harvard University Law School. Jared Nicholson’s resume suggests he could go pretty much anywhere and do anything.

He chose an undecorated, windowless office on Union Street and the opportunity to provide free legal advice for low-income entrepreneurs and small-business owners in Lynn.

“I thought about a lot of the business clients I worked with before law school and how much they depended on good legal advice in this economy,” Nicholson said Tuesday. “Those opportunities aren’t always in cities like Lynn, and I really care about Lynn.”

Nicholson is one of 28 nationwide recipients of a Skadden Foundation Fellowship. The foundation pays salary and benefits for law-school graduates to pursue two years of public-interest work and provide legal services to poor and working poor, elderly, homeless and disabled clients, as well as those clients deprived of their civil or human rights.

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