Harvard Law School offers opportunities for students to volunteer to work with administrative offices and faculty to provide information, advice, or engage in decision-making processes on issues that impact the school.  If you are interested in these efforts, please submit a resume and a statement of 500 words or less that describes your interest in a particular opportunity listed below (you may apply to more than one position).  

Students may also be nominated for these positions. If you would like to nominate a student for a position, you can submit the nomination here

Service opportunities vary in duration, please note class year eligibility below.  The deadline for application or nomination is Friday September 29th.

Student Engagement Opportunities

  • Administrative Board (Ad Board)—1L position available
    The Administrative Board has responsibility for highly sensitive matters involving student discipline and exceptions to administrative rules, for example in cases of academic dishonesty or exam administration disputes.  The Board’s membership consists of three faculty members, three administrators, and three students (one 1L, one 2L, and one 3L, each of whom are appointed for a three-year term).  The Board generally meets once per month (more often if necessary).  Contact Sasha Tulgan (stlulgan@law.harvard.edu), 2L member Bianca Corgan (bcorgan@jd25.law.harvard.edu), or 3L member Victoria Yu (vyu@jd24.law.harvard.edu) with any questions.
  • Belinda Sutton Quadrangle Working Group—two student positions available, all programs/class years
    The Belinda Sutton Quadrangle Working Group is charged with making recommendations on the development of a meaningful outdoor convening space central to our community and a commemorative installation to honor and remember Belinda Sutton and other enslaved people whose labor created the wealth that funded Harvard’s first professorship in law, thereby helping establish this law school. The working group includes faculty, administrators, and students. Contact Monica Monroe with any questions (mmonroe@law.harvard.edu). 
  • J.D. Admissions Fellows Program—1L, 2L, 3L positions available
    Admissions Fellows are a small group of current J.D. students who serve as volunteer student representatives in conjunction with the J.D. Admissions Office’s initiatives. Admissions Fellows participate in a number of outreach activities, communicate with prospective and admitted students, and support the J.D. Admissions Office with other admissions efforts. Examples include giving campus tours, serving as panelists for in-person and virtual events, and connecting with students at Admitted Students Days. Contact Sam Parker with any questions (saparker@law.harvard.edu). 
  • J.D. Student Financial Services Committee—1L position available
    The Student Financial Services Committee meets to discuss strategic issues related to J.D. financial aid, the Low Income Protection Plan, and the Summer Public Interest Funding Program. The committee’s membership includes faculty, administrators, and students. The appointment is for three years, but there is flexibility. The committee meets a few times per semester. Contact Natasha Onken with any questions (nonken@law.harvard.edu).
  • Student Wellbeing Working Group—1L and graduate (LLM/SJD) positions available
    The Student Wellbeing Working Group is charged with examining how best to build a supportive community culture, communicate resources, define and measure success, and ultimately help HLS become a leader in law student wellbeing. The group’s membership consists of faculty members, administrators, and students. The appointment is generally for three years, but there is flexibility. The group meets a few times per semester. Contact Lakshmi Clark with any questions (lclark@law.harvard.edu).