SOCIOL 1271: Crime and Justice in a Changing Society (Prof. Robert Sampson)
This course examines the changing landscape of crime and justice in America over the last half-century. We will give special attention to racial and class inequalities; the nexus of crime and its control; social change and life-course inequalities; the perils of prediction; and sociological strategies to mitigate inequalities in both crime and criminal legal processing.

Additionally, these courses are also accepting applications:
SOCIOL 1058: Sex, Gender, Sexuality
SOCIOL 1110: Public Health and Environmental Injustice
SOCIOL 1111: Sociology of Sport
SOCIOL 1115: The Internet, Social Media, and Society
SOCIOL 1128: Models of Social Science Research (Note: Sociology background strongly preferred)
SOCIOL 1176: Popular Culture and Social Theory: Critiquing Society through Television, Literature, and Comedy

Interested applicants can apply through CATS. Competitive applicants should have a background (undergraduate major, minor, or coursework) in Sociology or a related social science.