Contact: Susannah Barton Tobin,, to apply to this reading group.

This reading group will focus on the generative scholarly process that is at the center
of the life of the law professor. Each week, a member of the faculty will present a working
draft of her or his scholarship, and that piece will be discussed by the group. Discussions
will focus in part on the genesis of the research project being presented, in order to
demonstrate how articles develop from the first spark of an idea to final publication.
Students will also explore substantive issues raised in the pieces, the better to become
familiar with the latest work being done across a variety of subject areas. Students will
also develop their own research and scholarly agendas as the semester progresses.

Admission is by application via email to Susannah Barton Tobin at
by October 31, 2023. Please include a paragraph expressing your interest in the reading
group and a CV.

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