Welcome to the Harvard Law School Graduate Program. This handbook contains important information on academic requirements, Graduate Program policies, financial matters and general Law School information. Please retain this booklet for reference throughout the year.

The Graduate Program is the division of Harvard Law School responsible for the Master of Laws (LL.M.) and the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) degrees, and for various aspects of graduate legal studies, including the Visiting Scholar and Visiting Researcher program. A centerpiece of Harvard Law School’s internationalization of its student body, faculty, and curriculum, members of the Graduate Program constitute a vibrant academic community noted for its diversity of interests and backgrounds.

Through our degree programs, we are training the next generation of leaders in academia, private practice, government, and non-profit and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

In our other activities, and in conjunction with International Legal Studies, we promote awareness of foreign law and legal systems among faculty, students, and alumni, both at the Law School and elsewhere at Harvard University.


Professor William Alford
Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
Director, East Asian Legal Studies Program
Chair, Harvard Law School Project on Disability
Austin 309, (617) 495-4693

Ms. Jeanne Tai
Assistant Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 496-4849

Ms. Catherine Peshkin
Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
WCC 5005, (617) 496-4227

Ms. Nancy Pinn
Director, Administration and Student Affairs
WCC 5005, (617) 384-8302

Dr. Jane Fair Bestor
Special Assistant to the Graduate Program
WCC 5005, (617) 384-9537

Ms. Heather Wallick
Assistant Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
WCC 5005, (617) 495-3060

Ms. Sara Zucker
Director, International Legal Studies Programs
WCC 5005, (617) 495-9030

Ms. Alicia Clemente
Program Officer, International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 496-8732

Ms. Shona Simkin
Communications Manager, Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 496-9490


Ms. Emma Johnson
Staff Assistant to Professor Alford
Austin 309, (617) 495-4627

Ms. Melissa Bergsten
Staff Assistant, Admissions and Financial Aid, and Assistant to Jeanne Tai
WCC 5005, (617) 384-7522

Ms. Ashley Kliefoth
Administrative Coordinator and LL.M. Program Assistant
WCC 5005, (617) 496-8210

Ms. Christine Papandrea
Admissions and Financial Aid Administrator
WCC 5005, (617) 496-8799

Ms. Naomi Schaffer
Administrative Coordinator and S.J.D. Program Assistant
WCC 5005, (617) 496-2873

Graduate Program Fellows

The Graduate Program Fellows coordinate a variety of academic programs and colloquia, which are presented throughout the year. They also conduct course counseling and academic advising for LL.M. students. The current Graduate Program Fellows for the academic year 2014-2015 are listed below. Others may be added over the course of the year.

Byse Fellows
Claire Houston
Yaron Nili
Nadav Orian Peer

Teaching Assistants, LL.M. Writers’ Workshop
Yonatan Arbel
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay
Afroditi Giovanopoulou
Hedayat Heikal
Jacobe Kastiel
Farida Mortada
Priyasha Saksena

Coordinators, Workshop for Short Writing Projects
Mohammad Hamdy
Malcolm Rogge

LL.M. Advisors
Opeyemi Akande
Jessica Eisen
Rana Elkahwagy
Guillermo Garcia Sanchez
Xiaoqian Hu
Yotam Kaplan
Michele Materni
Valentina Montoya Robledo
Kibrom Teweldebirhan
Konstantin Tretyakov

Graduate Forum Coordinators
Joanna Noronha
Carolina Silva-Portero

Law Teaching Colloquium Coordinator
Guillermo Garcia Sanchez

Teaching Assistants, Legal Research, Writing and Analysis
Jessica Eisen
Lisa Kelly
Michele Materni
Palma Paciocco

Visiting Scholar/Visiting Researcher Colloquium Coordinators
Regina Larrea Maccise
Gustavo Ribeiro

Committee on Graduate Students

The Committee on Graduate Studies is responsible for academic policy and admissions for the Graduate Program. The Committee also oversees the application of program policies and regulations in consultation with the program administrators and staff. The members of the 2014-2015 Committee on Graduate Studies will be appointed in September.