Security in Paraguay: Cavallaro“Security in Paraguay: Analysis and Responses in Comparative Perspective” (Harvard University Press, 2008) is based on two years of research by the HLS International Human Rights Clinic and is written by Clinical Professor James Cavallaro, Jacob Kopas ’07, Yukyan Lam ’07, Timothy Mayhle ’08 and Paraguayan law professor Soledad Villagra de Biedermann LL.M. ’92. It addresses the growing sense of insecurity in Paraguay over the past decade as the country has continued its transition from authoritarian to democratic rule. The authors attempt to refute the view that the newly implemented criminal reforms and procedural guarantees are resulting in more crime.

Dershowitz: The Case Against Israel’s Enemies In “The Case Against Israel’s Enemies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace” (Wiley, 2008), Professor Alan Dershowitz takes to task those he considers Israel’s most dangerous foes, from individuals to foreign governments, “who wield the power—political, academic, religious and military—” to challenge the country’s existence.

Professor Duncan Kennedy’s “Legal Reasoning: Collected Essays”“Legal Reasoning: Collected Essays” (Davies Group, 2008) features four of Professor Duncan Kennedy’s essays, written over the course of 20 years, that present accounts of legal reasoning as engaged in by lawyers, judges and academics. A leading theorist of the critical legal studies movement, Kennedy brings together the insights of American legal realism with continental phenomenology and semiotics. The book also includes a critique of current European legal theory.

Tushnet’s “Global Perspectives on Constitutional Law”Vikram Amar and Professor Mark Tushnet’s “Global Perspectives on Constitutional Law” (Oxford University Press, 2008) provides a comparative view on constitutional issues, including property rights, abortion rights, regulation of hate speech, regulation of campaign finance, and religious freedom. It includes foreign case materials and selections by contributors from a variety of ideological and demographic backgrounds.