Wondering how to make the best use of your appointment time after October 15? Not sure what to expect when working with an adviser?

OPIA advisers are available to work with you as you learn about career options and pursue opportunities throughout your time as a student and beyond. OPIA also hosts recruiting and networking programs, and facilitates connections between students, practicing attorneys, and employers. However, OPIA is not a job placement service. You should not expect that OPIA will place you in a specific internship or post-graduate job. Ultimately, even though we’re good at giving directions, you’re the one in the driver’s seat. 

OPIA’s website is chock-full of information about public interest law, including internships and careers. You’ll find career guides, FAQs, templates, networking tips, timelines, and much more. Take advantage of the content located on the website and in our weekly emails. Taking time to research some fields and employers of interest before an appointment can make more efficient use of that meeting time, and help you feel more prepared. OPIA’s career guides and the Helios public interest organizations database can be helpful starting points.

Remember: it’s OK not to have it all figured out!  Reasonable effort, not perfection, is OPIA’s expectation of students.  It’s OK to ask us a lot of questions if you are feeling stuck even after doing your own research. Want to talk about salary considerations? Impostor syndrome? Interview nerves? We can do that. Every student is on their own journey, and we’re glad to join you for the ride.