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Many students who are public service minded spend a summer, or part of a summer, working in the private sector. Others spend a few years after graduation in the private sector and then move into public service work. Finally, some spend their entire careers in the private sector but contribute a great deal in terms of pro bono work, board membership, and other forms of community service. If you are public service minded but plan to spend some time in the private sector, take advantage of these OPIA and pro bono resources:

The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs has additional resources posted online for students interested in public interest in the private sector.

Pro Bono Advising

Lee Branson, Assistant Director of the Pro Bono Service Program, can help you identify firms that will allow you to most actively pursue public service work. Lee can be reached at (617) 496-1761 or Her office is located in Wasserstein 3085.


Each year OPIA, OCS and the Pro Bono Service Program host events about public service options for those interested in private sector work. Check the OPIA Events Calendar for panels focused on private public interest law firms and public/private career transitions, as well as events highlighting public service in the private sector.