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Planning, preparing, and filing or defending law suits focused on changing or advancing or retaining laws or on the rights of specific groups of people. Impact litigation is brought or defended typically when the case affects more than one individual even if there is one individual involved. Many impact litigation organizations are also deeply involved in policy work.


Day-to-Day Activities

  • Building and planning cases from the “ground up.”
  • Developing legal strategy.
  • Selecting plaintiffs.
  • Identifying and working collaboratively with co-counsel (often from private firms).
  • Drafting briefs.
  • Preparing for and presenting oral arguments in court.
  • Drafting educational materials for press and for larger community.

Practice Settings

  • Interest/Advocacy Organizations
  • Private Practice

Skill Set Required

  • Writing skills (particularly motion and brief drafting)
  • Courtroom experience
  • Oral advocacy
  • Political or legislative experience can also be very helpful, but is not generally required

Other Work Types