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Below you will find Wasserstein Fellows from the program’s inception in 1990 listed by their areas of practice at the time they were Fellows at the law school. Their current positions, if changed or known, are included in parentheses.

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Capitol Hill

Courts (U.S.)

Criminal Prosecution/Defense

Federal/State/Local Government

Foundations/Think Tanks



Legal Aid/Legal Services

Nonprofit Organizations

Private-Public Interest Firms





Capitol Hill
Shara Aranoff, 2001 – 2002 International Trade Fellow, Democratic Staff, United States Senate, Committee on Finance (currently Chairman, U.S. International Trade Commission) Washington, D.C.
Phil Barnett, 2011-2012 Minority Staff Director, House Committee on Energy and Commerce Washington, D.C.
Carter Burwell, 2018-2019 Chief Counsel to Senator John Cornyn, Senate Judiciary Committee Washington, D.C.
Eve Hill, 2013-2014 Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division Washington, D.C.
Neal Kravitz, 1995-1996 Principal Deputy Democratic Special Counsel, Senate Whitewater Investigation (currently Associate Judge for the Superior Court of the District Of Columbia) Washington, D.C.
Rod Rosenstein, 1997-1998 Associate Independent Counsel, Office of Kenneth Starr (currently U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland) Washington, D.C.
Courts (U.S.)
Hon. Frederica Brenneman
Senior Judge, Superior Court for the State of Connecticut Glastonbury, CT
Edmund Ludwig, 1996-1997; 2004-2005 Federal Judge, US District Court, Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
Richard Savignano, 2004-2005 Justice, Massachusetts District Court Brockton, MA
Criminal Prosecution and Defense
Jeffrey Adachi, 2012-2013 Public Defender of San Francisco, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office San Francisco, CA
Carol A. Brook, 2005-2006 Executive Director, Federal Defender Program, Northern District of Illinois Chicago, IL
Denise Casper, 2008-2009 Deputy District Attorney, Middlesex District Attorney’s Office (currently Federal Judge for the District of Massachusetts) Boston, MA
David Coleman, 1998-1999 Chief Assistant Public Defender, Contra Costa County (retired) Martinez, CA
John Corrigan, 1991-1992 Assistant District Attorney, Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office Dedham, MA
Angela Jordan Davis, 1993-1994 Director, Public Defender Service (currently a Law Professor at American University’s Washington College of Law) Washington, D.C.
Eileen Decker, 2007-2008 Chief, National Security Section, Office of the United States Attorney, Central District of California (currently Deputy Mayor for Homeland Security and Public Safety in the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles) Los Angeles, CA
Traci Douglas, 2004-2005 Director of Youth Programs and Community Outreach, Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem (currently Director of Operations, DREAM Charter School) New York, NY
Todd Edelman, 2003-2004 Chief of the Serious Felony Section Public Defender Service (currently Associate Judge for the D.C. Superior Court) Washington, D.C.
Emilio Estela, 2007-2008 Assistant District Attorney, New York County District Attorney’s Office New York, NY
James B. Farmer, 1995-1996 Chief, Organized Crime Strike Force, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Massachusetts (currently Chief of the Anti-Terrorism and National Security Unit) Boston, MA
Richard Goldberg, 2011-2012 Chief, Economic Crimes Section, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Caroline Heck-Miller, 1994-1995 Senior Litigation Counsel, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida Miami, FL
James Hingeley, 2008-2009 Public Defender, Albemarle County and Charlottesville Charlottesville, VA
Robert Holdman, 2001-2002 Senior Trial Attorney, Sex Crimes/Domestic Violence Bureau Bronx District Attorney’s Office (currently Supreme Court Justice, New York State Supreme Court) New York, NY
Darryl Gorman, 2006-2007 Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General, Office of Rulemaking and Legislative Affairs, Office of the Attorney General (currently Deputy Executive Director for the Detroit Public Schools) Washington, D.C.
Stephen Harris, 2001-2002 Public Defender, the State of Maryland (currently Interim Director and Distinguished Attorney-in-Residence, University of Baltimore, School of Law) Baltimore, MD
Elliott Jacobson, 2008-2009 Senior Litigation Counsel, United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York New York, NY
William Kenety, 1999-2000 Senior Trial Attorney, Office of Special Investigations, U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division (currently Senior Trial Attorney with the Human Rights and Special Prosecution Section of the Department of Justice) Washington, D.C.
Emma Ketteringham, 2017-2018 Managing Director, Family Defense Practice, The Bronx Defenders The Bronx, NY
Marc Lindemann, 2013-2014 Principal Assistant District Attorney, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Riverhead, NY
Barbara Martinez, 2016-2017 Chief, Special Prosecutions Section, Human Trafficking/Project Safe Childhood Coordinator, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida Miami, FL
Juliette Martinez, 1993-1994 Chief, Domestic Violence Bureau, Kings County District Attorney’s Office Brooklyn, NY
Gregg Maisel, 2005-2006 Senior Litigation Counsel, Assistant U.S. Attorney, United States Attorney’s Office, District of Columbia (currently Chief, U.S. Attorney’s Office, National Security Division) Washington, D.C.
John McNeil, 2010-2011 Deputy Chief, Criminal Division, Office of the U.S. Attorney, District of Massachusetts Boston, MA
Marjorie Meyers, 2010-2011 Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Texas Houston, TX
Kristen Nelson, 2015-2016 Deputy State Public Defender, Office of the Colorado State Public Defender Denver, CO
Victor Olds, 1996-1997 Assistant U.S. Attorney, Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York (currently Senior Counsel, Legal Services for New York City) New York, NY
Asit Panwala, 2006-2007 Assistant District Attorney, San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office San Francisco, CA
Jonathan Rapping, 2009-2010 Founder and Executive Director, Southern Public Defender Training Center Atlanta, GA
Seann Riley, 2013-2014 Deputy Director, The Bronx Defenders The Bronx, NY
Jordan Schreiber, 2006-2007 Deputy Public Defender, Contra Costa County Office of the Public Defender Martinez, CA
Amy Schwartz, 1999-2000 Assistant District Attorney, Trial Division, Office of the New York County District Attorney’s Office (currently Senior Trial Counsel) New York, NY
Andrew Sonner, 1992-1993 State Attorney, Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office (retired Judge, Court of Special Appeals for the 7th Circuit in 2004) Montgomery County, MD
Vincent Southerland, 2016-2017 Assistant Federal Defender, Federal Defenders of New York New York, NY
Robin Steinberg, 2002-2003 Founder & Executive Director, Bronx Defenders Bronx, NY
Carlie Ware, 2018-2019 Deputy Public Defender, Santa Clara County Santa Clara, CA
Brendon Woods, 2016-2017 Public Defender, Alameda County Public Defender Oakland, CA
Federal, State, and Local Government
Alden Abbott, 2002-2003 Assistant Director for Policy and Evaluation Bureau of Competition at the Federal Trade Commission (currently Deputy Director, Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies and the John, Barbara, and Victoria Rumpel Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation) Washington, D.C.
Lauri Adams, 1997-1998 Regional Solicitor, U.S. Department of the Interior Anchorage, AK
Dennis Aftergut, 1996-1997- Chief Assistant City Attorney, San Francisco Attorney’s Office San Francisco, CA
Gerald M. Alexander, 2008-2009 Assistant General Counsel, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (currently Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Immigration Litigation) Washington, D.C.
Gina Allery, 2018-2019 Deputy Director, U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Tribal Justice; Chair of the Justice Native American Association Washington, D.C.
Astrid Andre, 2006-2007 Counsel, New York City Economic Development Corporation New York, NY
Aaron Bayer, 1994-1995 Deputy Attorney General, Connecticut Attorney General’s Office (currently Partner at Wiggin and Dana LLP) Hartford, CT
Michelle Benecke, 2011-2012 Chief of Staff, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Office of National Capital Region Coordination, Department of Homeland Security Washington, D.C.
Susan Beck, 1994-1995 General Counsel, Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston, MA
Michael Best, 2009-2010 General Counsel, New York City Department of Education New York, NY
Eileen Brewer, 1999-2000 Chief Counsel to Cook County, Board President John H. Stroger (currently Judge for the Circuit Court of King County) Chicago, IL
Stephen Cha-Kim, 2017-2018 Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York New York, NY
Danny Chou, 2014-2015 Assistant County Counsel, County of Santa Clara San Jose, CA
Alice Daniel, 1990-1991 Deputy Attorney General, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Boston, MA
Kathryn Ellis, 1999-2000 Deputy Assistant General Counsel for Business and Administrative Law, Office of the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Education (currently Senior Counsel to the Deputy General Counsel for Program Service and Agency Dispute Resolution Specialist in the Department of Education) Washington, D.C.
Judith Fabricant, 1995-1996 Chief, Government Bureau, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (currently Associate Justice for the Superior Court of Massachusetts) Boston, MA
Mark Fittipaldi, 2008-2009 Attorney Advisor, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Washington, D.C.
Paul Fishman, 1993-1994 First Assistant, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of New Jersey (currently U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey) Newark, NJ
Andrew Fois, 1997-1998 Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legislative Affairs, U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.
Terry Goddard, 2011-2012 Former Attorney General of Arizona Phoenix, AZ
Nicole Gordon, 1998-1999 Executive Director, New York City Campaign Finance Board New York, NY
Barbara Hammerle, 1996-1997 Senior Counsel, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury (currently Deputy Director) Washington, D.C.
Emlee Hilliard-Smith, 2012-2013 Senior Counsel, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Enforcement Division Chicago, IL
James Holbein, 1998-1999 U.S. Secretary, NAFTA Secretariat, U.S. Department of Commerce (currently President of Global Trade Consulting, LLC) Washington, D.C.
Randy Hummel, 2012-2013 Chief, Major Crimes Section, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Florida Miami, FL
Clifton M. Johnson, 2009-2010 Assistant Legal Adviser, Department of State, Office of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Washington, D.C.
Darin Johnson, 2004-2005 Attorney-Advisor, U.S. Department of State, Office of the Legal Adviser Washington, D.C.
Ingrid Johnson, 2013-2014 Director, City of Newark Office of Reentry Newark, NJ
Patricia Kakalec, 2010-2011 Bureau Chief, Labor Bureau, New York State Attorney General’s Office New York, NY
Roscoe Jones Jr., 2016-2017 Senior Counsel, Office of U.S. Senator Cory A. Booker Washington, D.C.
Mark Kreitman, 2003-2004 Assistant Director, United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Division of Enforcement Washington, D.C.
Jon Laramore, 2003-2004 Chief Counsel to the Governor of Indiana (currently Partner, Baker & Daniels) Indianapolis, IN
Kirby Lee, 2012-2013 Senior Policy Advisor, Executive Office of the President, Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Washington D.C.
Esmeralda Lopez, 2015-2016 Advocacy Officer, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigration Arlington, VA
Drew Luten III, 2003-2004 Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Management, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Washington, D.C.
Brent Mitchell, 2015-2016 Senior Counsel, Enforcement Division, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Washington, D.C.
ReNika Moore, 2015-2016 Section Chief of Civil Enforcement, Labor Bureau, New York Attorney General’s Office Albany, NY
Melanie Nakagawa, 2015-2016 Member, Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff Washington, D.C.
Brian Nicholson, 2016-2017 Trial Attorney, Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.
Michael Novey, 2004-2005 Associate Tax Legislative Counsel, Office of Tax Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington, D.C.
Leo Orenstein, 1994-1995 Assistant Chief and Litigation Counsel, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (currently Deputy Chief Litigation Counsel at FINRA) Washington, D.C.
Dennis Parker, 2005-2006 Chief, Civil Rights Bureau of the New York State Attorneys General Office (currently Director, ACLU Racial Justice Program) New York, NY
Pierre-Richard Prosper, 2000-2001 Special Counsel and Policy Advisor to the Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, Office of War Crimes Issues, Office of Secretary of State, United States Department of State (currently Counsel, Arent Fox) Washington, D.C.
Alejandro T. Reyes, 2017-2018 Director, Program Legal Group, US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, formerly, Senior Counsel, Lawyers’ Committee, and Equal Justice Works Fellow Washington, D.C.
David Riemer, 1997-1998 Director, Department of Administration, State of Wisconsin (currently Director of the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute) Milwaukee, WI
Brittny Saunders, 2018-2019 Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives, NYC Commission on Human Rights New York, NY
Donald Sherman, 2017-2018 Senior Counsel, Democratic Staff, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Washington, D.C.
Daniel Skoler, 1994-1995 Associate Commissioner of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security Administration Falls Church, VA
Jack Smith, 2011-2012 Chief, Public Integrity Section, U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.
David H. Solomon, 2003-2004 Chief, Enforcement Bureau, Federal Communications Commission (Currently Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP) Washington, D.C.
David Sullivan, 1998-1999 Counsel to the Massachusetts State Senate Boston, MA
Lisa Taylor, 2011-2012 Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section, Washington, D.C.
James E. Tierney, 1992-1993; 2004-2005; 2010-2011 Formerly the Attorney General of Maine (currently, Director for National State Attorneys General Program, Columbia Law School and visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School) Augusta, ME
Anne Tremblay, 2017-2018 Director, Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti Los Angeles, CA
Mónica Vaca, 2011-2012 Assistant Director, Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection Washington, D.C.
James Vigil, Jr., 1995-1996 Assistant Associate Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice (currently Senior Advisor at the State Department) Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Westfall, 2010-2011 Trial Attorney, Voting Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.
Leslie Winner, 1993-1994 North Carolina State Senator (currently the Executive Director of the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation) Charlotte, NC
Ken Zimmerman, 1998-1999 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing, HUD (currently Member of the Firm, Lowenstein Sandler) Washington, D.C.
Foundation/Think Tanks
Alan Jenkins, 2001-2002 Director Human Rights and International Cooperation Unit at the Ford Foundation (currently Executive Director and Co-Founder, The Opportunity Agenda) New York, NY
Spencer Boyer, 2007-2008 Director of International Law and Diplomacy at the Center for American Progress(currently Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of European & Eurasian Affairs) Washington, D.C.
Antonia Hernández, 2007-2008 President and CEO, California Community Foundation Los Angeles, CA
Purvi Shah, 2015-2016 Bertha Justice Institute Director, Center for Constitutional Rights New York, NY
Kathleen Welch, 2002-2003 Deputy Director of the Pew Environmental Group, Pew Charitable Trusts (currently a Private Consultant and Philanthropic Adviser) Washington, D.C.
Sareta Ashraph, 2014-2015; 2015-2016 Chief Analyst, UN Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic Geneva, Switzerland
Lisa Bhansali, 2010-2011 Senior Public Sector Management Specialist in Government & Anti-Corruption, World Bank, Latin America and Caribbean region Washington, D.C.
El Cid Butuyan, 2007-2008; 2009-2010 Legal Counsel, World Bank Legal Vice Presidency Washington, D.C.
Priyanka Chirimar, 2017-2018 Legal Officer, Office of the Co-Investigating Judges, UN Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Warda Henning, 2016-2017 Political Affairs Officer, United Nations Headquarters New York, NY
Todd Howland, 1996-1997 Field Officer, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Kigali, Rwanda
Larry D. Johnson, 1991-92; 2008-09; 2010-11 Former Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, United Nations New York, NY
Mona Khalil, 2012-2013 Senior Legal Officer, United Nations Office of Legal Affairs New York, NY
Lillian Langford, 2018-2019 Head of Rule of Law, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Vienna, Austria
Beatrice Lindstrom, 2017-2018 Staff Attorney, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti New York, NY
Joanne Neenan, 2016-2017 Senior Assistant Legal Adviser at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office London, UK
Kaoru Okuizumi, 2010-2011 Justice Policy Coordinator, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations New York, NY
Andrew Painter, 2013-2014 Senior Protection Officer, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tanya Smith, 2008-2009 Officer In Charge, United Nations Regional Office for the Pacific of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Suva, Fiji
David Young, 2014-2015 Assistant General Counsel, U.S. Agency for International Development Washington, DC
Alejandra Ancheita, 2012-2013 Founder/Executive Director, Project on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ProDESC) Mexico City, Mexico
Betsy Apple, 2011-2012 Legal Director & General Counsel, AIDS-Free World New York, NY
Clive Baldwin, 2006-2007 Head of International Advocacy, Minority Rights Group International London, UK
Kathleen Campbell, 2010-2011 Associate Director, Aid Effectiveness Project, Save the Children USA (currently Senior Policy Advisor/Team Lead, OAPA at US Agency for International Development) Washington, DC
Brian Concannon, 2006-2007 Founder and Director, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti Joseph, OR
Valerie Dabady Liverani, 2004-2005 Principal Legal Counsel, African Development Bank La Marsa, Tunisia
James A. Goldston, 2009-2010 Executive Director, Open Society Justice Initiative New York, NY
Katrin Kuhlmann, 2012-2013 President, Transfarm Africa Washington DC
Sabrina Mahtani, 2013-2014 Co-founder and Executive Director, AdvocAid Sierra Leone
Paul D. O’Brien, 2011-2012 Vice President for Policy and Campaigns, Oxfam America Washington, DC
Param-Preet Singh, 2013-2014 Senior Counsel, Human Rights Watch-International Justice Program New York, NY
Annie Tierney Goldstein, 2011-2012 Human Rights Education Director, International Association of Women Judges Washington, DC
Viviana Waisman, 2012-2013 Executive Director, Women’s Link WorldWide Madrid, Spain
Legal Aid / Legal Services
Ralph Santiago Abascal, 1992-1993 General Counsel, California Rural Legal Assistance San Francisco, CA
Jonathan Asher, 1996-1997 Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver Denver, CO
William Beardall, 1997-1998 Director, Migrant Farm Worker Division, Texas Rural Legal Aid (currently Executive Director at the Equal Justice Center) Austin, TX
Martha Dicus, 1992-1993 Neighborhood Legal Assistance Program St. Helena Island, SC
Steve Eppler-Epstein, 2010-2011 Executive Director, Connecticut Legal Services Middletown, CT
James Gomes, 1994-1995 CEO, Environmental League of Massachusetts (currently the Director of the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise at Clark University) Boston, MA
Joan Graff, 1992-1993 Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of San Francisco (now Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center); currently President San Francisco, CA
Beth Harrison, 2017-2018 Supervising Attorney, Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia Washington, DC
Levon Henry, 2008-2009 Executive Director, DNA – People’s Legal Services, Inc. Window Rock, Navajo Nation, AZ
Lam Ho, 2016-2017 Founder and Executive Director, Community Activism Law Alliance Chicago, IL
Stacie Jonas, 2018-2019 Managing Attorney, Texas Riogrande Legal Aid Austin, TX
Linda Kilb, 1998-1999 Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund/Director, California Legal Services Support Center Berkeley, CA
Bill Lienhard, 2007-2008 Executive Director, Volunteers of Legal Service New York, NY
Dan Lindsey, 2014-2015 Supervisory Attorney, LAF Chicago, IL
Neil McBride, 1995-1996 Director, Rural Legal Services of Tennessee (now the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands) Oak Ridge, TN
Gregory Schell, 1992-1993 Director, Farmworker Employment Group-Florida Rural Legal Services (currently Managing Attorney at the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project) Lake Worth, FL
Jeff Selbin, 2006-2007 Executive Director, East Bay Community Law Center (currently Faculty Director, Clinical Professor of Law; Faculty Director of the East Bay Community Law Center) Berkeley, CA
Kenneth Schorr, 1993-1994 Executive Director, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont Charlotte, NC
Nargess Shadbeh, 2006-2007 Director of the Farmworker Program, Oregon Law Center Portland, OR
Carolyn Silver, 2013-2014 Director of Legal Advocacy and Organizing, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House New York, NY
Jeanne Smoot, 2011-2012 Director of Public Policy, Tahirih Justice Center Falls Church, VA
Douglas Stevick, 2006-2007 Managing Attorney, Southern Migrant Legal Services Nashville, TN
Carol Vaughn, 2003-2004 Senior Attorney, Northwest Justice Project (currently Partner, Thompson & Howle) Seattle, WA
Richard Weishaupt, 2007-2008 Senior Attorney, Community Legal Services, Inc., Health and Human Services Unit Philadelphia, PA
Nonprofit Organizations
Paul Achitoff, 2006-2007 Managing Attorney, Earthjustice Honolulu, HI
Jody Adler, 2011-2012 Director, The Law Project of the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Chicago, IL
John Affeldt, 2011-2012 Managing Attorney, Public Advocates, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Ahilan Arulanantham, 2014-2015 Deputy Legal Director, ACLU of Southern California and Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project Los Angeles, CA
Michael Allen, 2004-2005 Senior Staff Attorney and Director of the Housing Program at the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law (currently Partner, Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC) Washington, D.C.
Theresa Amato, 1998-1999 Founder and Executive Director, Citizen Advocacy Center (currently partner at Amato & Main, LLC) Elmhurst, IL
Shereen Arent, 2003-2004 Executive Vice President, Government Affairs & Advocacy of the American Diabetes Association Alexandria, VA
Nisha Agarwal, 2013-2014 Deputy Director for Immigrant and Civil Rights, Center for Popular Democracy New York, NY
Emily Arnold-Fernandez, 2012-2013 Executive Director, Asylum Access San Francisco, CA
Neelum Arya, 2011-2012 Research and Policy Director, Campaign for Youth Justice Arlington, VA
S. Elizabeth Birnbaum, 2005-2006 General Counsel and Vice President for Governmental Affairs, American Rivers Washington, DC
Eric Brettschneider, 2005-2006 Executive Director, Agenda for Children Tomorrow (currently Assistant Commissioner/Regional Coordinator, New York State Office of Children and Family Services) New York, NY
Amanda Broun, 2012-2013 Senior Vice President, Public Education Network (currently Vice President of Independent Sector) Washington DC
Diana MTK Autin, 1993-1994 Managing Attorney, Advocates for Children (currently Co-Executive Director of Statewide Parental Advocacy Network, Inc.) Long Island City, NY
Joaquin Avila, 1997-1998 Voting Rights Attorney/Former President of Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (currently Distinguished Practitioner in Residence and Director, National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative at Seattle University School of Law) Milpitas, CA
Jacqueline Ann Berrien, 1991-1992 Staff Attorney, ACLU Women’s Rights Project (currently Chair of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission) New York, NY
Eric Balaban, 2017-2018 Senior Staff Counsel, ACLU National Prison Project Washington, DC
Robert Bank, 1999-2000 Director, Legal and Advocacy Department, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. (currently Vice President of American Jewish World Service) New York, NY
Eugene Benson, 2013-2014 Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions (MACC) Boston, MA
Nancy Biberman, 1990-1991 Project Director, Highbridge Community Housing Development Fund Corporation New York, NY
Victor Bolden, 1995-1996 Assistant Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense Fund (currently Corporate Counsel for the city of New Haven, CT) New York, NY
Mary Bonauto, 2004-2005 Civil Rights Project Director, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders Boston, MA
Arthur Bryant, 1996-1997 Executive Director, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice Washington, DC
Helene Caloir, 2001-2002 Former Assistant General Counsel, Local Initiatives Support Corporation New York, NY
Steven Choi, 2009-2010 Executive Director, Empowering the Korean American Community Flushing, NY
Chloe Cockburn, 2014-2015 Advocacy and Policy Counsel, National American Civil Liberties Union New York, NY
Jamil Dakwar, 2018-2019 Director, ACLU Human Rights Program New York, NY
Martha Davis, 1997-1998 Legal Director, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (now Legal Momentum) (currently Professor of Law at Northeastern University) New York, NY
Jennifer Di Toro, 2009-2010 Legal Director, Children’s Law Center (currently Associate Judge District of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia) New York, NY
Kevin Díaz, 2013-2014 Director of Legal Services, Compassion & Choices Denver, CO
Deborah Ellis, 1995-1996 Legal Director, NOW Legal Defense Fund (now Legal Momentum) (currently Assistant Dean for Public Service, NYU Law School) New York, NY
James Esseks, 2008-2009 Litigation Director, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & AIDS Project, ACLU Foundation (currently Director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & AIDS Project at the ACLU) New York, NY
Roger Evans, 1990-1991 Director of Litigation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America New York, NY
James A. Ferg-Cadima, 2008-2009 Legislative Counsel, ACLU of Illinois (currently Regional Counsel for MALDEF) Chicago, IL
Barbara Finamore, 1993-1994 China Programs Director, Natural Resources for Defense Council (also President of the China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance) San Francisco, CA
Davida Finger, 2008-2009 Staff Attorney, The Katrina Law Clinic (currently Assistant Clinical Professor of Law at Loyola University New Orleans) New Orleans, LA
Karen Florini, 1992-1993 Chair, Toxics Programs, Environmental Defense Fund (Currently Director of Strategic Alliances, National Climate Campaign for EDF) Washington, DC
Richard Foltin, 1999-2000 Legislative Director and Counsel, American Jewish Committee (currently Director of National and Legislative Affairs at American Jewish Committee) Washington, DC
Betsy Fordyce, 2018-2019 Director, Youth Empowerment & Legal Advocacy Program, Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center Denver, CO
Michael Foreman, 2008-2009 Deputy Director of Legal Programs for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Lawyers’ (currently Director, Civil Rights Appellate Clinic, Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law) Washington, DC
Doug Foy, 1990-1991 Executive Director, Conservation Law Foundation Boston, MA
Jim Freeman, 2016-2017 Founder and Executive Director, Grassroots Action Support Team Arapahoe County, Colorado
Andrew Friedman, 2006-2007 Co-Founder, Make the Road by Walking, Inc. Brooklyn, NY
Madeline Garcia Bigelow, 2010-2011 Director, Domestic Violence Project, Urban Justice Center New York, NY
Steve Gardner, 2014-2015 Director of Litigation, Center for Science in the Public Interest Dallas, TX
Dorcas Gilmore, 2012-2013 Assistant General Counsel, NAACP Legal Department Baltimore, MD
Miriam Gohara, 2004-2005 Assistant Counsel, Criminal Justice Project, NAACP Legal Defense Fund (currently Resource Counsel, Federal Capital Habeas Project) Washington, DC
Sally Goldfarb, 1992-1993 Senior Staff Attorney, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (now Legal Momentum); (currently a law professor at Rutgers School of Law) New York, NY
Karen Goldstein, 2013-2014 Vice President and General Counsel, Vera Institute of Justice New York, NY
Jessica Gonzalez, 2013-2014 Vice President, Policy and Legal Affairs, National Hispanic Media Coalition Los Angeles, CA
Hayley Gorenberg, 2010-2011 Deputy Legal Director, Lambda Legal New York, NY
Jon Greenbaum, 2013-2014 Chief Counsel & Senior Deputy Director, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Washington, DC
Michael Grinthal, 2018-2019 Supervising Attorney, Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center New York, NY
Leslie Harris, 1996-1997 Director of Public Policy, People for the American Way (currently Executive Director for the Center for Democracy and Technology) Washington, DC
Thomas Harvey, 2015-2016 Co-Founder and Executive Director, ArchCity Defenders St. Louis, MO
Michael Hess, 2001-2002 Corporation Counsel, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (currently Partner, Giuliani Partners) New York, NY
Dale Ho, 2016-2017 Director, ACLU Voting Rights Project New York, NY
Blan Holman, 2009-2010 Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center Charleston, SC
Alvaro Huerta, 2017- 2018 Staff Attorney, National Immigration Law Center Los Angeles, CA
Bern Johnson, 1994-1995 Executive Director, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide Eugene, OR
Derrick Johnson, 2015-2016 State President for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP, and Executive Director of One Voice, Inc. Jackson, MS
Ruth Jones, 1994-1995 Staff Attorney, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (now Legal Momentum) (currently Professor of Law at the University of the Pacific) New York, NY
Christopher Kemmitt, 2018-2019 Senior Counsel and Director of Professional Development, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. Washington, D.C.
Corene Kendrick, 2010-2011 Staff Attorney, Youth Law Center San Francisco, CA
Michael Kirkpatrick, 2007-2008 Staff Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group Washington, DC
Kenneth Kimerling, 2002-2003 Legal Director, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund New York, NY
Katherine Kennedy, 1999-2000 Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council (currently Director of National and Legislative Affairs) New York, NY
Elizabeth Kristen, 2012-2013 Director of the Gender Equity and LGBT Rights Program/ Senior Attorney, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center San Francisco, CA
Lenora Lapidus, 2000-2001 Legal Director ACLU of New Jersey (currently Director, ACLU, Women’s Rights Project) Newark, NJ
Douglas Lasdon, 1992-1993 Founder/Executive Director, Legal Action Center for the Homeless (now the Urban Justice Center) New York, NY
Ellen Lawton, 2004-2005 Director of the Family Advocacy Project Pediatrics Department Boston Medical Center (currently Executive Director, National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership) Boston, MA
Craig Levine, 2006-2007 Senior Counsel and Policy Director, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice Newark, NJ
Michael LeVine, 2011-2012 Pacific Senior Counsel, Oceana Juneau, AK
William Lienhard, 2007-2008 Project Director, Mental Health Project, Urban Justice Center (currently Executive Director, Volunteers of Legal Service) New York, NY
Sarah Ludwig, 2010-2011 Executive Director, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project New York, NY
Nancy Marks, 2013-2014 Senior Attorney, National Resources Defense Council, Inc. New York, NY
Andrea Marsh, 2005-2006 Founder and Director, Texas Fair Defense Project Austin, TX
Miranda Massie, 2010-2011 Director, Litigation and Training, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest New York, NY
Maria McFarland, 2014-2015 Deputy US Program Director, Human Rights Watch New York, NY
Patricia Mendoza, 2000-2001 Regional Counsel, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (currently Associate Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County ) Chicago, IL
Scott Michelman, 2014-2015 Staff Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group Washington, DC
William R. Montross, Jr., 2007-2008 Director, Capital Litigation Unit, Southern Center for Human Rights Atlanta, GA
Linda Mills, 1991-1992 Founder and Executive Director, The Hawkins Center of Law Services for the Disabled Richmond, CA
Kary Moss, 1998-1999 Executive Director, ACLU of Michigan Detroit, MI
Rajesh Nayak, 2018-2019 Deputy Executive Director, National Employment Law Project New York, NY
John Nethercut, 2013-2014 Executive Director, Public Justice Center Baltimore, MD
Chris Newman, 2011-2012 Legal Programs Director, National Day Laborer Organizing Network Los Angeles, CA
John O’Toole, 1995-1996 Director, National Center for Youth Law San Francisco, CA
Leslye Orloff, 2002-2003 Associate Vice President; Director, Immigrant Women Program, National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund (now Legal Momentum) Washington, DC
Laurie Parise, 2012-2013 Founder/Executive Director, Youth Represent New York, NY
Clare Pastore, 2004-2005 Of Counsel, ACLU of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Wendy Patten, 2004-2005 U.S. Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch (currently Senior Policy Analyst, Open Society Foundations) New York, NY
Elena Paul, 2000-2001 Executive Director Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts(currently Executive Director, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts) Washington, DC
Nina Perales, 2009-2010 Southwest Regional Counsel, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) San Antonio, TX
Lori Potter, 1993-1994 Regional Director, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund (currently a Partner at Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell) Denver, CO
John Powell, 1992-1993 National Legal Director, ACLU (currently Professor of Law at Ohio State University) New York, NY
Nora Preciado, 2013-2014 Staff Attorney, National Immigration Law Center Los Angeles, CA
Ajmel Quereshi, 2016-2017 Assistant Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. Washington, DC
Eric Rassbach, 2012-2013 Deputy General Counsel, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty Washington DC
Brooke Richie, 2008-2009 Executive Director, Resilience Advocacy Project (RAP) New York, NY
Michael Risher, 2010-2011 Staff Attorney, ACLU of Northern California San Francisco, CA
Stephen Roady, 2007-2008 Attorney, Earthjustice Washington, DC
Gilbert Rogers, 2014-2015 Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center Atlanta, GA
Marcia Rosen, 2012-2013 Executive Director, National Housing Law Project San Francisco, CA
Jennifer J. Rosenbaum,
Legal Director, New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice New Orleans, LA
Mark Rosenbaum, 1998-1999 Legal Director and General Counsel, ACLU Foundation of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Rosenbaum, 2002-2003 Staff Attorney, Protection and Advocacy Inc.(currently Staff Attorney, Disability Rights California) Oakland, CA
Michael Rosman, 2001-2002 General Counsel, Center for Individual Rights Washington, DC
Robert Rubin, 1997-1998 Deputy Director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights (currently Director of Litigation) San Francisco, CA
C. Mario Russell, 2007-2008 Senior Immigration Litigation Attorney, Catholic Charities Community Services New York, NY
Michael Russell, 1995-1996 Senior Public Safety Adviser, Corporation for National Service Washington, DC
Kevin Ryan, 2000-2001 Director and General Counsel for the Youth Advocacy Center (currently President, Covenant House) New York, NY
Shirley Sachi Sagawa, 1997-1998 Executive Director, Learning First Alliance (currently visiting Fellow at the Center for American Progress & Founder of the Consulting Firm Sagawa/Jospin) Washington, DC
Thomas Saenz President & General Counsel, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Saloom, 2014-2015 Strategic Advisor, Themis Fund New York, NY
Alan Schlosser, 1994-1995 Managing Attorney/Staff Counsel, ACLU of Northern California (currently Legal Director) San Francisco, CA
Shari Shink, 1999-2000 Founder and Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center Denver, CO
Reginald Shuford, 2009-2010 Senior Staff Attorney/Attorneys of Color Recruitment & Retention Officer, ACLU Racial Justice Program (currently Director of Law and Policy, Equal Justice Society) New York, NY
James Simon, 1992-1993 Director, Citizen Enforcement Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council (currently Executive VP at Oceana) New York, NY
David Singleton, 2006-2007 Executive Director, Ohio Justice & Policy Center Cincinnati, OH
Katherine Ewing Slaughter, 1998-1999 Senior Staff Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center Charlottesville, VA
Sharon Slotnick, 1994-1995 Director, Project Safety Net, Americorps New York, NY
Michael Steinberg, 2007-2008 Legal Director, ACLU of Michigan Detroit, MI
Eve Stotland, 2012-2013 Director of Legal Services, The Door New York, NY
Chase Strangio, 2018-2019 Staff Attorney, ACLU’s LGBT & HIV Project Washington, D.C.
Gail Suchman, 2000-2001 Formerly Senior Environmental Counsel, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (currently Special Counsel, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP) New York, NY
Kara Suffredini, 2007-2008 State Legislative Director, National Gay and Lesbian task Force (currently Executive Director for Mass Equality) Washington, DC
Lauren Sudeall Lucas, 2010-2011 Staff Attorney, Southern Center for Human Rights Atlanta, GA
Jason Szanyi, 2013-2014 Staff Attorney, Center for Children’s Law and Policy Washington, DC
Philip Tegeler, 2003-2004 Legal Director, Connecticut Civil Liberties Union Foundation (currently Executive Director, Poverty & Race Research Action Council) Hartford, CT
Eric Thompson, 2002-2003 Senior Litigation Counsel, Children’s Rights Inc. New York, NY
Jora Trang, 2017-2018 Managing Attorney, Worksafe Oakland, CA
Donnell “Trip” Van Noppen, 2004-2005 Managing Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center (currently President, Earthjustice) Chapel Hill, NC
Janet Varon, 2006-2007 Founder and Executive Director, Northwest Health Law Advocates Seattle, WA
Anthony Varona, 2001-2002 General Counsel and Legal Director, Human Rights Campaign and HRC Foundation (currently Professor of Law/Director of the S.J.D. Program, American University, Washington College of Law) Washington, DC
Jill Witkowski, 2012-2013 Waterkeeper, San Diego CoastKeeper San Diego, CA
Brian Wolfman, 1993-1994 Staff Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group (currently Co-Director of the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University Law Center) Washington, DC
Haeyoung Yoon, 2014-2015 Deputy Program Director, National Employment Law Project New York, NY
Sara Zampierin, 2017-2018 Senior Staff Attorney, Southern Poverty Law Montgomery, AL
Private Public Interest Firms
Nicole Austin-Hillery, 2006-2007 Associate at Mehri & Skaler, PLLC
(currently Director and Counsel for the Brennan Center for Justice, D.C. office)
Washington, DC
Morris Baller, 1999-2000 Partner, Saperstein, Goldstein, Demchak & Baller Oakland, CA
Nick Brustin, 2011-2012 Partner, Neufeld Scheck & Brustin, LLP New York, NY
Andrew Celli, 2012-2013 Co-Founding Partner, Emery, Celli, Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP New York, NY
Teresa Demchak, 2011-2012 Managing Partner, Goldstein, Demchak, Baller, Borgen & Dardarian Oakland, CA
Kelli Evans, 2002-2003 Associate at Relman & Dane (currently Associate Director, ACLU, Northern California) Washington, DC
James Fishman, 2008-2009 Founder and Partner, Fishman & Neil, LLP New York, NY
Andrew Freeman, 2006-2007 Partner, Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP Baltimore, MD
Deepak Gupta, 2018-2019 Founding Principal, Gupta Wessler PLLC Washington, D.C.
Cara Hendrickson, 2007-2008 Partner, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. Chicago, IL
Jacob Howard, 2016-2017 Of Counsel & Adjunct Professor, MacArthur Justice Center; Attorney, McDuff & Byrd Law Office Oxford, MS
Jenny Huang, 2008-2009 Co-Founder and Partner, Justice First, LLP Oakland, CA
Mikkel Jordahl, 2000-2001 Director, Coconino Legal Aid (currently a Private Immigration Law Attorney) Flagstaff, AZ
Richard Kanoff, 1990-1991 Private Public Interest Practice Harvard, MA
Kaplana Kotagal, 2018-2019 Partner, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC Washington, D.C.
Ira Kurzban, 2003-2004 Partner, Kurzban Kurzban Weinger Tetzeli and Pratt P.A Miami, FL
Robert McDuff, 2004-2005 Solo Civil Rights Practitioner Jackson, MS
Tara Ramchandani, 2016-2017 Attorney, Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC Washington, DC
Peggy Kuo, 2000-2001 Legal Officer, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (currently Chief Hearing Officer, New York Stock Exchange) The Hague, The Netherlands
Kenneth Scott, 2004-2005 Prosecutor, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia The Hague, The Netherlands
Robin Alexander, 1994-1995 Director, International labor Affairs United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers Union Pittsburgh, PA
Richard Brean, 2000-2001 General Counsel, United Steel Workers of America Pittsburgh, PA
Emma Leheny, 2014-2015 Chief Counsel, California Teachers Association Burlingame, CA
David Prouty, 1998-1999 Southern Regional Counsel and Counsel to the Organizing Department, UNITE, AFL-CIO (currently Chief Labor Counsel for the Major League Baseball Players Association) New York, NY