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1L Timeline

1L Timeline

In order to give your 1L career exploration an overarching structure, we have created a loose timeline below. Your focus during this year should primarily be on self-reflection and education; however, the timeline also covers the steps you should take during the fall and winter to secure a 1L summer job as well as the steps you should take during the spring of your 1L year to prepare for your 2L job search.


  • September and Throughout Your 1L Year

  • Fall 1L Year

    • Meet with an OPIA advisor to discuss your interests/develop a summer job search game plan after October 15
    • Attend OPIA’s student-to-student job fair to learn more about summer options
    • Attend the MBTI workshop for additional self-assessment
    • Prepare/update your resume and have it reviewed by OPIA
    • If your job search plan involves early December applications, prepare a cover letter draft and have it reviewed by OPIA
    • Practice your interviewing skills through the OCS/OPIA Mock Interview Program
    • Make sure that your voicemail is ready for employer calls
    • Polish your online presence
  • Winter 1L Year

    • Apply for summer jobs after December 1

    – Many employers hire in December and January

    – Others (particularly international employers) hire in February and March

    • Participate in relevant job fairs (Massachusetts Law School Consortium, Spring Interview Program)
    • Attend the OPIA PI Networking Reception
    • Apply for SPIF funding (December/January)
    • Follow up with employers 1-2 weeks after submitting applications
    • Review OPIA’s FAQs on employer interactions
  • Spring 1L Year

    • Attend OPIA’s events on the 2L summer job search

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