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Award Details

Grants of up to $600 per student per academic year are awarded multiple times throughout the year to 3L students traveling for postgraduate fellowship, judicial clerkship, and job interviews with public interest employers. Decisions are made by a committee of student services administrators. Students are encouraged to first ask whether the employer would consider a remote interview if asked to interview in person.

Priority will be considered based upon the applicant’s need.

  • High = need-based  HLS grant recipient
  • Moderate = not eligible for need-based HLS grant, but substantial loan debt
  • Low/No = not on aid or little/no loan debt

If initial applications come from low or moderate need applicants, the committee may defer ruling on those applications until later in the year after assessing the whole pool of applicants.

There may be funds remaining to distribute additional grant awards in the last cycle. Applicants may then be reconsidered for an amount exceeding $600 and are encouraged to submit any additional applications by the last deadline for consideration of any possible additional funding; decisions will be made as part of the final round of awards.

To Apply

To be considered for a stipend, applicants must submit the completed Public Interest Interview Fund Application by the following dates:

  • November 1
  • February 16

This fund is part of previous initiatives designed to alleviate job search pressures for students and judicial clerks of modest means, including LIPP-eligible loans for clerkship interview expenses and professional attire and low cost or free bar review courses for those not being funded by their employer.

Questions should be directed to Micah Nemiroff in OPIA.