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Networking is essential to getting to know the world of public interest law. Getting a job interview is not your immediate goal, and if you approach networking expecting your contact to offer you a job, you will likely be disappointed. Instead, networking offers you an opportunity to learn more about a particular field of law or organization. Try to meet people who can offer advice for your search, answer questions about career choices, and provide you with the names of more contacts who may be able to help you get further along in the process of finding a job. They can give you a closer look at the practical aspects of their own jobs and provide details that you may find critical when deciding where to apply.

Be sure to take advantage of “easy networking” resources available at HLS, such as attending OPIA’s events, meeting with a Wasserstein Fellow or talking with an HLS faculty member with a public interest focus. Also, be sure to check out UC Hastings School of Law’s informational interviews template.

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