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The fellowship application process can be complicated. Project-based fellowships (those supported by a funder for work in a separate host-organization), in particular, have a lot of moving parts and require early preparation. This calendar is a tool that students and recent grads can use to help organize themselves for the summer and fall.

Once you have identified which fellowships, or types of fellowships, are right for you, you can track them through the calendar to see what you should be doing, week-to-week. Keep in mind: this calendar is designed to give you a birds-eye overview of the fellowship application process. It is not intended as a comprehensive list of every fellowship opportunity, nor of each step of preparation a particular fellowship may require. Notably, there are many more organization-based fellowships (those internally funded to allow fellows to work for that same organization) than we can include in this calendar. We strongly encourage students to research such fellowships and apply broadly to organization-based fellowships that fit their interests.

OPIA will be providing additional information on host organizations, fellowships offered, deadlines, etc., through our emails, fellowship and entry-level job deadlines feed, and the fellowships section of our website, but the best way to clarify your personal to-do list is to make an appointment to discuss your fellowship process. If you have a quick question, come to a fellowship adviser’s walk-in hours.

Viewing the Calendar

The embedded calendar displays key steps and deadlines for several of the most popular project-based fellowships (Skadden, EJW, Justice Catalyst, etc.), a sampling of more complicated organization-based fellowships, international fellowships, and fellowships to found your own non-profit. In addition, the calendar includes non-OPIA external funder events (OPIA events will continue to appear on the HLS Events Calendar), and important tasks relevant to all fellowships for which you may apply.

Use the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner to the right of “Agenda” to toggle on and off which of these bolded categories of information you wish to see.

Rolling deadlines are identified as such, and displayed on their final due date to the best of our knowledge. Review them closely to see which fellowships you should begin and submit in advance of the stated deadline. It is to your particular advantage to submit materials early in the process for fellowships with rolling deadlines, but all fellowships appreciate receiving materials early.

The calendar will continue to be populated throughout the summer. Check back often!