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The Edith Fine Fellowship was created in recognition of Judge Fine’s ’57 distinguished career in public service and is made possible by memorial gifts from family, friends, and colleagues. The Fellowship is awarded annually to a woman in the third year class of Harvard Law School who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and commitment to pursuing public service work directly upon graduation for any or all of the following causes: protection of women’s reproductive rights; civil or criminal legal assistance to the poor; and eradication of discrimination against women, minorities, or other groups which have historically suffered mistreatment in the United States. Among the jobs not eligible for support are judicial clerkships, academic appointments, and positions in private public interest law firms.

Fellowship Awards and Renewals

The Fellowship award for 2014 will be $1,000. Only one third-year woman will be awarded the Fine Fellowship. The deadline for the application is March 2, 2015.

Please note that the application requirements are identical to those of the Kaufman, Skirnick, and Venture Fund Fellowships. You may apply for a Fine Fellowship in addition to the other fellowships; there are different parameters for what each will fund, but one application process.

Please submit your application materials through the online application form for organization-based fellowships used for the Public Service Venture Fund.

Award announcements will be made in mid-May.

Questions should be directed to Alexa Shabecoff at or 617-495-3108.