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Please note that our Early Interview Program has been moved to January 2021. The content on this page is under review and will be updated to reflect the new timeline.

March 31, 2020: Please note that our Early Interview Program has been moved to January 2021. Please review our recent update to employers (pdf) for more information. We will provide additional information in the coming weeks.

The Office of Career Services is open, and we are presently operating in a remote work environment. If you would like to contact a staff member, please visit the staff directory. You can also send a message to and it will be routed to the appropriate person.

What Is EIP?

What Is EIP?

HLS’s Early Interview Program (“EIP”) is the largest law school recruitment program in the country geared toward private sector employment. Participating employers primarily interview 2Ls for summer positions and some 3Ls for full-time positions following graduation.

The 2020 program will take place July 27-31 at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. 

For more information about EIP and our other recruitment programs, please visit our OCI Program Comparison webpage.

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EIP Overview

EIP Overview

Harvard Law School’s Early Interview Program (“EIP”) provides employers with an unparalleled opportunity to recruit second and third year students at Harvard Law School.

Early Interview Program 2020

Our signature interview program, EIP Week, will take place July 27-31, 2020 at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. During this five-day period more than 400 employers come to Cambridge to primarily interview 2Ls for their summer programs and some 3Ls for full-time jobs after graduation.

Pilot Program: EIP Preview

New this year, HLS is piloting an additional component to EIP called EIP Preview that will give employers that register for EIP the opportunity to interview some HLS 2L students before EIP Week. Briefly, here is how EIP Preview will work:

  • When employers register for EIP, they also may register for EIP Preview;
  • In June, students may submit resumes and transcripts (Materials) through OCS to up to five employers;
  • In mid-June, OCS will send employers the students’ Materials;
  • Employers may interview students who submitted Materials to them through EIP Preview, with some limitations;
  • Offers made to students through EIP Preview will remain open for 21 days after the date of the offer letter, or 21 days after the last day of Harvard’s EIP Week, whichever is later.

Changes to our Employer Recruiting Policies

In addition, we have revised our Employer Recruiting Policies and Guidelines. Some highlights include:

  • Reducing the offer period from 28 to 21 days;
  • Adding a 14-day offer period for offices with summer programs of fewer than 10 students; and
  • Reducing the number of offers a student can hold open from five to three.

We believe that these policy changes and our new pilot program will result in an improved recruiting process that is more effective, transparent, and equitable for all participants. At the end of the season, we will seek your feedback and evaluate the success of the pilot.

Watch for additional information about registering for EIP Week and EIP Preview in early February.

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