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Congratulations on the new addition to your team! To begin the onboarding process, you’ll want to complete the ITS onboarding form right away. Next, you should begin thinking about how to prepare for their arrival and set them up for success. The list below can also be used as a guide to creating a smooth onboarding experience for your new hire. Not all items will be relevant for all positions, but we hope you find it helpful!  You can also download and print a PDF copy here.

Your new hire will be attending some pre-scheduled meetings as part of their orientation. You are copied on the email with their offer letter and onboarding information – we suggest you review these and keep in mind their key meeting dates when creating their schedule! Generally, you can expect they will attend:

  • ITS orientation: held every Monday at 10:30am (same time Tuesday if Monday is a Harvard holiday)
  • New hire meeting: scheduled with their HR Business Partner within a week or two of start date (the meeting date/time is referenced in their offer letter)
  • University Orientation: held 2x a month on Mondays – you can find the dates here (we recommend they not attend on their first day as it conflicts with ITS orientation


New Employee Onboarding Checklist

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

  • Now

    • Submit the ITS onboarding form and work with ITS to ensure your new hire has necessary equipment and account access
    • Ensure you have a designated work station, especially if you have limited space
  • A Week or Two Before They Start

    • Ensure their work station is tidy and stocked with essentials (pens, notebooks, post-its)
    • Email or call them to ensure they understand where and when to arrive/meet on their first day along with expected schedule: on campus or hybrid and office hours
    • Order business cards, if applicable
    • Contact the Facilities Management Office about completing a form to obtain keys, if applicable
    • Send an email announcement to your department and key contacts welcoming them (be sure to coordinate timing with new hire – ie: have they given notice yet in case timing might be sensitive?)
    • Determine what training they may need and schedule in advance where possible (CWD offerings, system specific trainings, 1:1 training with colleagues and teammates)
    • Set up 1:1 or small group meetings with immediate team and relevant stakeholders from other departments
    • Create a schedule for the first week or two which may include the orientations, trainings, introductory meetings, team meetings, etc.
  • On Their First Day

    • You or another colleague should meet them at agreed upon time and place
    • Tour building/area and show them nearby water, snacks, the Hark, restrooms, gender inclusive restrooms
    • Ensure they attend ITS orientation
    • Help them get to Campus Services at the Smith Center for ID card
    • Present them with the schedule you created for their first week(s)
    • If on campus, take them out for lunch (optional but recommended!)
  • In Their First Weeks

    • Ensure they have access to shared team resources (SharePoint, MS Teams and group chats, local drives, etc.)
    • Ensure they’ve been added to recurring team meetings and key distribution lists
    • Review departmental best practices, policies, and procedures
    • Provide a copy of your team or local org chart
    • Meet to review job description, set expectations, goals/milestones for the first 90 days (orientation and review period)
    • Schedule recurring 1:1 meetings (weekly is recommended) to answer questions and identify any training gaps
  • During Their First Three Months

    Meet regularly to check on progress and arrange further training and support as needed

    Keep your HR Business Partner up to date on progress and any flags in performance

    Complete 90 day orientation and review period with a conversation