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Tools for Student Journal Editors

Publishing with Christensen

Joe Christensen, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska is our publisher. They handle all pre-print production, allowing you to focus on editing your articles and creating a vibrant journal via community building activities, meetings, and events.

Joe Christensen, Inc.
c/o Katie Smith
1540 Adams Street
Lincoln, NE 68521
402.476.7535 (phone)
402.476.3094 (fax)

Pre-Print Process

  • The Composition Process – General information on how pre-press works
  • Annual Journal Info Form – For each new Volume, editors should fill out this form and give to Anna in the Student Journals Office
  • Example Production Schedule – See this schedule for an example of how to set up your journal’s production schedule for the year—don’t forget to send it to Sheena and post it on the Journals Calendar when you’re finished!
  • Coding – This handout explains the codes you’ll need to enter into your articles before you send it in for page proofs
  • Editing Codes – These are the codes you’ll use when marking up your proofs
  • Order for Page Proofs Form – Use this form for each article you send in to Christensen
  • Order of Materials Form – Use this form to tell Christensen in which order you’d like your articles to appear in your book.
  • Order for Contract Proofs Form – Use this form when you’re ready for your final set of proofs from Christensen. You should also let Anna know that you’re at this stage so she can send in your Mailing List, Verification, Quantity Order, and Offprint Order Form.

Create a New Journal

The Law School has one of the largest and most wide ranging set of law journals in any American law school.  Our journals exist because of student initiative in proposing and developing new journal opportunities.  We are mindful that each new journal can have an impact on existing journals in terms of competition for student interest as well as institutional funding.  Therefore, we take great care in determining whether it is appropriate to consider launching a new journal. Students interested in proposing a new journal should contact Sheena Prosper, Administrative Director of Publications and Student Life.  Sheena will walk students through the detailed proposal requirements as well as the institutional review process.


Use the following forms to be reimbursed for expenses related to your journal – food for meetings, photocopies, etc.
If you have any questions about whether or not an expense can be reimbursed, please check in with the Journals Office staff before you make the purchase!
Don’t forget to keep your receipts! You should turn in receipts for reimbursement no later than 30 days from date of purchase.


Give a gift of support to the Harvard Law School Student Journals online using this form.

Documents on File through the Law Library’s Historical & Special Collections Department

The Documents on File program is a service offered to student journals at the Harvard Law School for the sole purpose of retaining unpublished, difficult to access, or ephemeral sources cited in the journal. This material is identified using the following explanatory parenthetic: “On file with the Harvard Law School Library.” Once deposited, access to the materials will be provided according to standard Historical & Special Collections Reading Room policies.

In order to participate in this program, EICs, MEs, or the appropriate delegate must first schedule a brief meeting with Historical & Special Collections staff to review details of the program and to sign a Deed of Gift. Materials will not be accepted without a signed Deed of Gift on file. At the meeting, journal staff will also be given archival folders for organizing documents.

Issues discussed at this meeting will include:

  • Labeling Folders: Discussion of proper labeling format; improperly labeled folders will not be accepted.
  • Scheduling Delivery: While there is flexibility regarding when documents can be delivered to Historical & Special Collections, advance notice is required.
  • Delivery Location: Materials will not be accepted if dropped off at other library departments (unless previous arrangements are made).

For those journals currently participating in the program, Historical & Special Collections staff members are available for consultation and programmatic updates for new journal staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact Historical & Special Collections if you have any questions regarding this service.

Historical & Special Collections Contact Information, 617-495-4550

Sarah Wharton, Access Services Coordinator, 617-496-4616

Reading Room Hours:
By Appointment Only, Tuesday-Friday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Student Journals Office in the Caspersen Student Center is happy to assist you with any question or need that arises during the year. Don’t hesitate to stop by! Or email with any questions.