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Submitting to the HLS Calendar

Use the HLS Calendar Submission Form to submit an event, including an image, to the HLS Calendar that has not already been added through the MyRooms EMS room booking system.

Proper submission to the calendar will also ensure that the event is included in the daily HLS events e-newsletter, Calendar@Law. Calendar@Law is sent each morning and features the next 20 events occurring.

Campus Video Displays

The HLS Communications Office maintains the campus video displays. These graphics run next to a calendar of upcoming events. Posters will begin running once your event is within one month.

If you are creating your own graphic, please ensure it is 1207 pixels wide x 793 pixels tall. You can deliver the file as a .jpg or .png file and send it to

If you would like our assistance designing the graphic, Submit a graphic design ticket in ServiceNow at least two weeks before you would like the graphic posted on the video display and include event details, including title, location, time, speakers, a short description, and any photos or logos to include.

Event Posters

Posters around campus are a great way to publicize your event. You can use some design resource tips if you are creating the poster on your own. If you need assistance designing a poster, please give us a minimum of two weeks notice before you need to start publicity and provide all available information about your event including date, time, location, description as well as any images you’d like to use. Please submit this information in a graphic design ticket in ServiceNow.