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General Clinical Information

Student Conflicts Log

Students are strongly advised to keep a conflicts log from the moment they begin to engage in the student practice of law. This will facilitate conflict checking as they move from clinic to clinic or SPO, and as they move between various summer internships and employers in the future. Remember to store the Conflicts Log in a place that is password protected.

Pro Bono Forms

Students receiving HLS summer public interest funding should send the SPIF forms directly to the SPIF office. Please do not send to OCP. HLS pro bono hours will be processed in the early fall.

Advanced Clinical Program Form

Before accessing the application, please  review the program guidelines first.

Independent Clinical Program Forms

Before accessing the application, please review the program guidelines first.

OCP Clinical Travel Funding Forms

Before accessing the application please review funding guidelines first.

Assumption of Risk Travel Waivers

Placement Evaluation

The Placement Evaluation is an online evaluation accessed through Helios. In order to receive clinical and/or pro bono credit, students must complete the Placement Evaluation.