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Comparative legal inquiry permeates the Harvard curriculum, ranging from courses focused on other nations to the inclusion of comparative issues in courses on U.S. law to a robust co-curricular program. Its goals include acquainting students with the approaches that other societies take toward the resolution of challenging societal issues and facilitating understanding of the assumptions and choices that inform law in the United States.

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Course Term Instructor(s)
A Comparative Perspective on Corporations, Ownership, and Capital Access Fall 2024 Course Reinier Kraakman
Advanced Topics in Jewish Law and Legal Theory Fall 2024 Reading Group Noah Feldman
Advanced Topics in Jewish Law and Legal Theory Spring 2025 Reading Group Noah Feldman
Animal Law Spring 2025 Course Kristen Stilt
Comparative AI Governance Spring 2025 Seminar Maroussia Levesque, Martha Minow
Comparative Constitutional Law Fall 2024 Course Tarunabh Khaitan
Comparative Corporate Governance Fall 2024 Course Mariana Pargendler
Comparative Law: Why Law? The Experience of China Spring 2025 Course William Alford
Crafting Change & Elevating Impact: Advanced Skills & Ethics in Human Rights Practice Fall 2024 Seminar Susan Farbstein
Engaging China Fall 2024 Seminar Steven Wang, William Alford
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