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Through research, education, and public events, The Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program fosters discourse, facilitates scholarship, and develops strategic solutions in the rapidly evolving area of animal law and policy. Students benefit from opportunities to take animal law-related courses and reading groups and participate in the Animal Law & Policy Clinic.

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Animal Law & Policy Clinic

The Animal Law & Policy Clinic provides students with direct hands-on experience in animal advocacy on behalf of both captive animals and wildlife, including litigation,…

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Course Term Instructor(s)
Animal Law Spring 2024 Course Kristen Stilt
Animal Law & Policy Clinic Fall 2023 Clinic Rachel Mathews
Animal Law & Policy Clinic Spring 2024 Clinic Rachel Mathews
Animal Law & Policy Clinical Seminar Spring 2024 Seminar Rachel Mathews
Animal Law & Policy Clinical Seminar Fall 2023 Seminar Rachel Mathews
Critical Corporate Theory Lab Fall 2023 Seminar Jon Hanson
Rights of Nature Spring 2024 Reading Group Kristen Stilt
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