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If you are planning to record and publish audio or video content, please refer to these guidelines and best practices. When these guidelines are followed, you should be able to safely publish your content on a website, blog, YouTube, or anywhere else on the Web.

If you are working with high-profile speakers or panelists, or if your event is especially newsworthy, please let the Office of Communications know about your plans as early as possible.

If you would like to publish video of your event on the official Harvard Law School YouTube channel and/or other HLS audio/video channels, please contact the Office of Communications to make arrangements.

If you have already made arrangements with the Office of Communications to publish video of your event on the HLS YouTube channel and/or other HLS audio/video channels, please be sure to select the News Event Posting (NEP) option when you request Media Services in your EMS room reservation. (See Requesting a News Event Posting (NEP) in EMS.)

Audio/Video Recording Events at HLS

Please note: the program, department, office or group organizing the event should carefully review these guidelines and ensure that they are followed.

Regarding your audience:

  • Announce at the beginning of each event (preferably on the recording) that the session is being recorded. You must also post signs at event entrances informing attendees that the event will be recorded.
  • If there is a Q&A following a presentation, do not record the audience members or their questions, or at the very least try to confine the questions to the end of the session so that you can remove that part from the final recording.
  • In general, avoid recording the audience whenever possible.

Regarding your speaker(s) / panelist(s):

  • Ensure that anyone who will appear on the video or audio recording submits the following form prior to the event. Signed PDF versions of the form should be returned to the HLS Office of Communications (contact info below):
  • Work with the speaker to ensure that they own the copyright to their materials, and are not displaying graphics or any other content owned by other parties.

HLS AV Technology and Support

Audio and video recording services for events on campus are available from HLS Media Services.

Working with Outside Film Crews

If you are not using HLS Media Services, and are instead using an outside vendor to film on the HLS campus, please refer to the guidelines listed below. You should also make sure that the producer and film crew is aware of these restrictions. (They will be asked to sign a release agreeing to these terms.)

Non-Harvard Law School affiliates must receive permission from the HLS Office of Communications before taking photos or recording audio/video on campus. This allows us to alert all applicable personnel, including Campus Police and Media Services, which will help ensure a smooth experience for all involved.

To request permission, non-Harvard Law School affiliates should submit the Harvard Law School Campus Photography/Recording Permission Request at least 24 hours before arriving on campus.

Please note these restrictions for photography/recording on the HLS campus:

  • Students may not be photographed or filmed for any reason without express permission from the HLS Office of Communications.
  • For audio/video recording, we require signatures on Recording Agreements (available above) from each student, staff member and faculty member being filmed or recorded.
  • The inside of buildings may not be filmed without express permission from the HLS Office of Communications. Filming the exterior of buildings is permissible, as long as there is no disruption to the campus and no students are filmed without permission. Photographers and film crews should always request permission by submitting the HLS Campus Photography/Recording Permission Request at least 24 hours before arriving on campus.
  • The HLS Office of Communications reserves the right to review recorded material prior to its publication and we reserve the right to use the media for our own promotional purposes on our web site or via other channels.
  • All recording should be completed in a timely and unobtrusive manner, without disruption to the academic environment.

Contact the Office of Communications

Phone: 617-495-3118
Fax: 617-495-3501
Mail: 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138