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There is a methodology to implementing successful online communications, and planning is the most critical to any project’s success. 

Our partnership will go through five project phases. Together we will: 

1. Discover

Based on the information you provide when you initiate the
project, we will meet  with you to discuss: 

  • goals 
  • marketing strategies 
  • target audiences  
  • existing content (if any)
  • third-party tools or partners
  • features and functionality

After considering the above, we will develop a set of documents to define the project’s scope:

  • Creative Brief
  • Content Audit
  • Personas
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical Specifications
  • Governance Statement
  • Project Schedule

The schedule and cost will be dependent on: 

  • complexity of the project 
  • availability of your staff 
  • production or acquisition of new content
  • availability of project budget 
  • your schedule 
  • scheduling tasks into the ITS and Communication Office work queues

2. Design

We will design and document your project, including:

  • SItemap
  • Wireframes (information, navigation and interface design)
  • Analytics

3. Develop

We will work with you in building out the necessary components of your project.

4. Implement

We will work with your team to take your online presence live and to test its functionality.

5. Evolve

Among the obvious differences between online and print content, the most important to note is that websites, blogs, and other online communications are never “done.” There needs to be a vision, a staffing plan, a set of goals, and potentially a budget to guide the ongoing management of the project after it is launched. The phases listed above frequently repeat themselves as you iterate and build out your online content.