Betty Vorenberg has donated nearly 60 boxes of law books from the library of her late husband, professor and former dean James Vorenberg ’51, to the law school at University of the North in South Africa.

In 1996 the Vorenbergs visited Bongani Majola LL.M. ’88, then the dean of the historically black university, located in Sovenga in one of the northern provinces of South Africa. “When we visited South Africa after its peaceful revolution, Jim saw the part law was playing–had to play–in repairing the damage of racism,” said Betty Vorenberg. “Jim would have liked knowing that his books were a part of that effort.”

Majola, who is now national director of the Legal Resource Centre in South Africa, thanked Betty Vorenberg after learning about the donation: “I am more than convinced that the books you have donated will make a huge contribution in . . . producing the South African equivalents of the Vorenbergs, the Tribes, the Ogletrees–people who care profoundly about the plight of others,” he wrote.

The collection of books includes a set of the Harvard Law Review, criminal law books, and studies and reports of the American Law Institute. “The library and administrative staffs at HLS helped make this donation a reality,” said Vorenberg. “I am grateful for their advice, support, and assistance.”