Other views on the Trump administration

All four professors quoted in “An Election for the History Books?” (Fall 2020 issue) offer the same apocalyptic, negative views of the Trump administration found in most of the media. There are some opposing views out there, also expressed by distinguished scholars. It would have been nice to see some balance in the article. If opposing views cannot be found at Harvard Law School, that is a shame.

Jay Kelly Wright ’72
Fort Myers, Florida

Reader’s Query

Editor’s Note: The retirement tribute to Professor Robert Clark ’72 (Summer 2020 issue), who wrote and performed music in his classes to help students remember the principles of corporate law, spurred memories of another musical corporate law class. It also spurred a question.

I was wondering if any reader remembers or has a record of more verses to “Non-negotiable You,” which emanated from a Secured Transactions class in my era. The only bits I remember are “You’re the only note that I endorse,” and “I want to be your holder in due course.”

Daniel Feldman ’73
New York, New York